Tell me whow much you love your MonoSatin Aumoniere....

  1. I am looking for a special bag for an occassion - for me, well, plannning my 4-0 birthday.....
    Anyway I understand that there are still some left of the Monogram Satin Aumônière.

    What color do you have ?
    Do you love it?
    When do you use it?

  2. I have the white satin MC version. I love it. I only use it for formal parties and cocktail events. It's so lovely.
  3. I wanted this in brown but passed on it when it look several people just to try to open it. Me, my SA and the manager all had a lot of trouble.
  4. Yeah..cute but terribly hard to open..I tried all 3 in the BH store awhile back and they all stuck.
  5. Don't know about the lock mechanism, but it is a beautiful bag
  6. Wow, I have never had any probelms opening/closing mine. Glad that didn't happen to me:smile: That's a shame that ocurred!!!
  7. is this bag now discontinued? the MC version isn't on any more but the other colours still are
  8. I have the black for formal occasions I love it!
  9. I wanted this bag, but the hardware didn't match the shoes that I bought. The hardware on the shoes are a gunmetal gray.
  10. Yup, it's REALLY cute, BUT: like others have mentioned, it's kinda hard to open and I've heard it's super small inside?
  11. My store still has it. It's really gorgeous.
  12. I think Syntagma also bought one and returned it?
  13. Happy Birthday!:balloon: I would pass on this very lovely bag as others have said. I tried at the boutique---SEVERAL--- and could not get a one to open..and I'm tougher and stronger than I look! :sweatdrop: :shrugs:
  14. I liked the MC one, but the clasp wasn't for me like the others.
  15. Yeppers. I had the brown and while is was a beautiful color it was IMPOSSIBLE to open for me anf my entire family! We were only able to get it open twice! For over $1600 that should not happen! LOL