Tell me which bag you think is better...

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Which bag?

  1. Just wait for the papillon, it's so cute!

  2. Forget the papillon, the vernis alma is TDF!!

  3. This much trouble deciding means you don't need anything else!

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  1. Please help!!!

    I'm really having mixed feelings about the watercolor pap.

    Here are my reasons:
    I really love the colors
    I love that it is different
    I think I might just be caught up in the 'hype'
    I don't love the style of the pap
    I am not sure it is a practical/useful/functional bag for me
    It seems too small I take myself off the waitlist and add it to the list for the amarante alma? Do I wait to see it in person?

    DH loves the amarante color and has been trying to get me to choose it when I'm shopping so I think he'd be easily won over by the difference in price.

    Thoughts? Pros/cons for each style? Thanks!!
  2. For me, vernis alma without a doubt :nuts:!
  3. Alma hands down :smile:
  4. yep, I voted for the Alma as well! The amarante color is gorgeous, and I think it would be much more practical than the papillon!
  5. It doesn't sound like you *really* want the Pap. Can you put yourself on the Alma list without taking yourself off the Papillon list? Then you can at least see it in person and decide for sure. Personally, I'd go with the Alma.
  6. Definitely forget the Pap and get the VERNIS ALMA .... :drool:
  7. Awwww I'm in the minority. I said Pap. But I just love love love the framed Pap look!
  8. vernis alma
  9. I've never understood the appeal of the papillion style. :shrugs: The Vernis Alma on the other hand looks TDF! :love:

    But in the end it's really about what you will love and use. Maybe looking at some other members pictures with the styles (in other materials) or trying on your own (if you own any) and trying to visualize it would help you decide if this bag will be "you"?

    Good luck deciding :flowers:
  10. YOU have to love it and wear it!! the pap it awesome!! but it seems like your leaning more towards the alma so i think you should go with your instint and good luck!! theyre both beautiful!!
  11. no brainer for me! alma in vernis!!!! yay! hope u get it. :biggrin:
  12. Alma all the way....
  13. ALMA - Stunning!
  14. vernis...
  15. I say vernis alma too! :tup: