Tell me what you think about FLORA print, how rare and coveted is it?

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  1. Hi ladies, I am technically speaking much more into Balenciaga and Hermès, so it's a bit difficult for me to understand what I have in my hands and I would like to have some Gucci fans opinion.

    I happen to have a Gucci wallet, with bamboo closure in natural leather and Flora fabric print, which was a gift. I've kept it for a long time because I reminded this print they issued from the 60's and I thought it was one of the best Gucci prints, I really loved it, but now I really don't know...

    I would just like to understand what you Gucci fans think about the Flora print (first reedition with white background).
    I've been told it is quite rare and coveted, but what do you think? Do you like it or not? Is it considered to be a collector's piece or rare?
    Ideas and opinions are welcome.

  2. i dont know about it being rare...but i love my black flora print ballet slippers!! :love:
  3. ^^^ :graucho:

    I said rare because it has been discontinued
  4. I would love to see a picture of it
  5. Here you go!

    What do you think?
    gucci  flora wallet 010 resized watermarked.JPG gucci  flora wallet 007 resized watermarked.JPG gucci  flora wallet 008 resized watermarked.JPG
  6. its a fun thing to have... don't know about the rarity of it necessarily as I just ordered a flora print silk scarf last month, but as far as novelty -- it's a tasteful way to do color

    grace kelly made it famous - they developed the flora print for a scarf for her...
  7. Oh, I didn't know the Grace Kelly thing, that's a good information, thank you!
  8. "Rare and coveted"? LOL

    I have one flora bag, and I would like another. I think they are beautiful, when beautifull done. I personally love Gucci's, the linen-y canvas they use. The first one was based off a piece, a scarf done for Princess Grace. And from there, they ran with it. I want one more. Two is enough. I have some flora pumps too, whiich I adooooore.
  9. It's a lovely wallet. Very ladylike. I'm not sure if it is or will be a collector's piece though. Perhaps another member has more info on this line.
  10. I like them but I seem to like them only on other people. I am just not a print person.

  11. They've reissued that print lately which actually makes it get slightly better prices on eBay. But I don't consider it rare or coveted. I have a couple of things in the black flora shoes and a scarf and I really enjoy them.
  12. Thanks everybody, your opinions are very interesting, and, winternight do you remember when it was reissued?
  13. I love the flora print. I have 4 pieces: a pink hobo, black tote & 2 vintage pieces--a white tote & matching duffle. The vintage pieces are super-collectable, especially the scarves & larger bags. The modern pink flora bags are a little more rare, but there are still too many of the flora bags available to make them super rare, so hold onto them. The print was re-issued for spring 2005.
  14. I like the floral prints. It is beautiful and unique.
  15. Interesting info, thanks!

    Thanks tumblingbear also.