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  1. I received an email (not even a PM) from someone on this forum less than an hour ago. The email was not sent via this forum, but from some email address; I guess whoever it is found my email address in my profile, which I put there for Instant Messaging purposes.

    This person, who claims to be just 'advising' me, says that because I'm only a student, I buy my bags and shoes with my parents' money, which makes me look extremely extravagant. And that because the other ladies on this forum work hard to buy their bags, it only seems like I'm showing off at my parents' expense. This person also feels that "people will think more highly of me if I show that I work to earn my bags, instead of spending my parents' money", and that if I want to be a moderator for the LV sub-forum, I should "prove my worth by helping other people and giving better advice instead of showing off what I have".

    Yes, it's true that my parents give me shopping money. When my mom came to Buffalo in May for my Commencement, we went to Manhattan and she bought me a bunch of stuff, and she 'encouraged' me to beat the latest price increase. But both my parents buy designer stuff for themselves too, and they don't see anything wrong with me having it as long as I know how to take care of something so expensive.

    As an international student, my job options are limited to the campus only. I have an internship that requires 16 hours a week -- which I only get credit hours for -- and even though in the summer I'm allowed to work 40 hours a week on campus, everything I earn goes to my rent, car, insurance, bills and groceries. If the ladies here work to buy their bags, I work to keep a roof over my damn head :yes:.

    As for the photos I post here, they are what I have, and isn't that what we do on this forum: share? I do try to help others here by answering questions as well as I can, especially if it concerns a bag that I have. As for the new sticky, when I started that thread, I already stated there that I was running the risk of being a vainpot and seeming totally narcissistic :P, but I figured it would be a bit of a help if people could see what certain bags look like on a person, especially people who don't live near a boutique and have to order online, like me. And I think it's great now that Vlad has made it into a sticky.

    I would :heart::love: to be an LV moderator, because this forum has become practically my life and I'm on here all day, even when I'm at work (which I am now :angel:), and I'd love to be of as much help as I can. I haven't been on here as long as some of the other ladies who were recommended, which makes my chances that much slimmer, but I figured it would be worth a try anyway. Except that this emailer seems to think that I don't pull my weight enough :huh:.

    I don't know why I feel the need to explain myself, but something about this email struck me to the very core, and I hate to admit that it hurt to read it :cry:. I'm usually quite insensitive, but I've spent half my life being judged by people who don't know me, and I refuse to sit here and be judged by another stranger who doesn't know me or the circumstances surrounding my shopping habits. I still have the email, but I'm not going to diginify this person's behavior with a response.

    OK, I need an honest opinion from you ladies: is this the impression that I give, or the image that I portray (that being one of a spoilt brat)? If it is, and if I did or said anything to offend any of you, I'm sorry. I assure you I will not take offence at anything you have to say, because whatever it is, I'm sure I've heard worse :lol:. In my mortification of receiving this email, I may just be less active on the forum from now on.
  2. and OMFG i had no idea how long my post was!!! sorry if you tune out of it halfway :shame:
  3. yeuxhonnetes, I didn't know that we PF members were here to judge one another based on how we obtained these handbags. For goodness sake, this is a handbag forum. If you want to apply for the position and you have enough knowledge about the subject, then go for it. Don't let anyone say otherwise. We are here to enjoy and share in our love of handbags. BTW, none of your posts have been rude or snobby. You seem very down to earth to me.
  4. We love you! I wouldn't take the email seriously.
  5. OK- here is what I think.This person wants to mod so bad she is jealous of you and thinks you are a threat..

    Let it go...she is obviously loony..LOl..really..I would be pissed too but....DONT LET HER SILLY CATTINESS GET TO YOU!
    and in the future..Please inform a mod helps....
  6. How horrible.

    I think this should of been taken care of, off the forum.
  7. i don't have the impression that you are bragging and i think it's none of her business how you can afford your bags. the letter seems so immature, don't take it seriously!
  8. Sorry Prada, I am moving this back into where it was originally posted.

    I need to make one thing perfectly clear. Who will get chosen for the LV mod job is none of anyone's sweet business. It is also none of anyone's business why that person will be chosen.

    I do not tolerate catty, *****y attitudes of ladies who think that their sh*t smells better than anyone else's because they bought bags themselves. It doesn't matter if you bought it yourself, or if Santa himself dropped them off at your doorstep. This is a freakin' hangbag community, stop acting like you have a say, and stop harassing our members about stuff that is none of your business.
  9. There's always a rotten apple in every barrel... don't let that one immature person get to you! I'm sure all of us appreciate your taking the time to take all those pics with the different bags just so we can see how they look like in person :o) Good luck with the mod nomination :flowers:
  10. ^^^!
  11. I think your youth, enthusiasm and obvious good taste is very, very enjoyable and I hope some of it rubs off on the elders on the forum like grandmother use to say, every young woman needs three good things,

    a) a good address
    b) a good watch
    c) a good handbag

    She died at 92 still enjoying all of the above and carrying great handbags.............if it makes you happy and keeps you young......and does not hurt anyone............ENJOY!
  12. Oh, for God's sake. I can't believe some people. Don't worry about that e-mail. I'm much older than you, but I'm an only child, so even now, my parents spoil me sometimes. I'd say it's just plain old jealousy!

  13. Dont let immature people ruin your time on tPF. I LOVE seeing your bags. It isnt showing off or bragging it actually quite helpful.
  14. Here here!! Someone is just jealous...:noworry:
  15. No problem, I'm just shocked that a member would feel its ok to try intimidate another over something like this.

    Sorry this happened yeuxhonnetes.
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