Tell me what you know about tankless water heaters?

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  1. We need to replace the water heater in our house. I would really like to go with the tankless version. The current water heater is housed in a closet inside the house, (which I don't like and is a bad idea if it floods) and with the tankless we may be able to move it OUTSIDE.

    I have heard mixed things about the tankless heaters. Any feedback? I know they cost more so I want to make sure this would be the right choice.

  2. We have one right now. We love it. We bought it after the dreaded water heater broke and flooded our basement. We made the absolute decision to avoid this problem in the future. When you "turn on" the water faucet, the tankless water heater detects the flow and turns on the gas to heat the water instantaneously. The electricity controls the temperature of the hot water.
    Pro's: unlimited instantaneous continuous hot water. It is actually more energy efficient than the water heater since you don' have to keep heating your watertank. No more big watertanks in the basement means more space for other things like storage.

    Cons: It uses electricity to control the temperature of your water. This means if you have a "neighborhood blackout", this means no hot water. My DH thinks we can buy a portable generator to avoid this situation.

    Depending on where you live, you may receive a rebate for energy efficient products such as the tankless waterheater.

    Hope this helps!:tup:
  3. Thanks for the input Hayden! We do have a generator as we live in a semi-rural area, so this is not an issue. Which type of tank did you buy?
  4. We put in a Bosch tankless waterheater (located in the basement). We will be putting in another unit for a new wing in our house. We will be using a Noritz tankless waterheater. This one, I believe, can be attached outdoors and is flushed with the exterior walls of our home. You should consult with a plumber/contractor to see how big your tankless waterheater should be and/or how many units you should have.

    *If you have one tankless water heater and you have multiple bathrooms spread apart in your home including your kitchen and laundry room, it may take longer for hot water to travel to the faucet furthest away from the tankless waterheater. Kwim?:idea: