Tell me what to wear on the plane to Las Vegas in 2 weeks

  1. I am flying to LV in two weeks for my sister's wedding. I am taking DH, DS (8), DD (7) and DD (4) so chasing three kids thru the airport seems to limit my fashion possibilities. I was going to wear a juicy couture track suit for comfort, but will that be too hot? Is i=t disgusting to wear flip flops on the plane or at the airport b/c your feet get so dirty from flip flops? Or do I wear skinny capris and a cute top w/ sandals? I obviously have no clue what to do... Give me some cute ideas girls.... Also, it's a straight shot flight 2.5 hours long. HELP! TIA
  2. i wouldn't wear a tracksuit for a flight that short, i actually don't wear anything special for short haul flights. just what i'd usually wear in the climate i'm going to. jeans can get a bit uncomfortable so more often i wear skirts or dresses instead but other than that i don't do anything special. you'll probably have to take your shoes off at the security check so whether you want to wear flip flops depends on how disgusted you are by having to walk barefoot on the airport floor for a bit!
  3. Definitely layer... Planes and airports can be so cold, and planes can also be really hot sometimes...
  4. Wear jeans and a cute short sleeve top and sandals. It'll be hot once you get off the plane.
  5. i go for juicy esp. for active moms. that is what i wear all the time when doing errands but i love denims too. maybe you can wear brighter colors to make you look less warm.
  6. ooh another thing.. i find that as a general rule, the hotter the destination the colder the plane :confused1: i have no idea why but it seems to work that way. so bring something warm for the plane.
  7. Sounds like you have the right idea with the track suit and flip-flops. You can always wash your feet when you get to the hotel! Comfort is priority here!

  8. Totally agree!!

    Trust me, you will value your comfort as you navigate through McClaren Airport to get to either your rental car, shuttle, or taxi line. Not to mention waiting for the luggage, oy vey!!

    Once you get back to the hotel you can change into your good LV clothes. Also, they keep the insides of all the buildings in LV so frigid (airport included) that when you get outside and it is hot - it does not register right away how hot it is as if you have to thaw out first. :p
  9. Fantastic advice girls! I can't wait to shop there!
  10. since you're going to such a hot climate, i'd forgo the track suit (way too hot) and find a nice pair of wide leg linen pants. most of them are elastic waist or drawstring, upping the comfort factor, but they also look more put together than sweats. i'd wear a tank with them and bring along the top to the track suit, possibly, or a thin sweater (that's what i'd do) to wear if the plane or airport is cold. i'd also wear shoes that don't have to be buckled or tied since they make you take them off.

    i've worn this through Hartsfield-Jackson, the world's busiest airport, a dozen times and never been anything but VERY comfortable. it's also ragingly hot here in Atlanta, so i understand very well the need for layers.
  11. oh my gosh layeerrrr! we just got back from vegas 3 weeks ago AND we're going back for a week memorial day weekend! i wear comfy jeans, a loose top, loafers with socks (so when i have to take off my shoes to go through security my bare feet don't have to touch the floor :throwup: ) i also carry my burberry shawl to keep warm, and my juicy velour pillow so i can nap! ur going to have a BLAST!!! the shopping is DIVINE!!!!
  12. I always wear flip flops on my experiences I've never been asked to take them off.
  13. What about just plain jeans and a nice top with a light cardigan or jacket and ballet flats. I just can't do the Juicy tracksuit and flip flops. I agree that comfort is the key but That's just not me!
  14. I'll be traveling in a week. My plane outfit is Linen Pants, Fitted James Perse Tee, Ballet Flats, and cardigan in case it's cold on the plane.
  15. my choice would be jeans, a white t-shirt, a juicy hoodie, and either flip flops or ballet flats.