Tell me what to do...

  1. I will have (on friday) a 06 pale rose Hobo & cornflower Twiggy. Should I get an ink Box or Twiggy? Do you think the new caramel/cognac looks good in a City or better in a Twiggy? or would Black be better in a City? Also what does everyone think about the new fall color Greige?

  2. love greige! Looks exactly like the taupe color from couple seasons ago. can't wait to see it
  3. Yes that was what I thought. I think I am going to wait for that to come out. So any thoughts to my other questions? Barney's has a ton of BBags right now so I am debating which one(s) to get.
  4. Ok so I called Balenciaga New York and I have a Grenat Twiggy on pre-order. Kim said that I should expect it around early to mid August. She also said that Greige is like concrete. There is nothing brown/beige about it. Can't wait. God my new obsession is going to put me in big trouble with my honey :sad: But he loves me so no worries :yes:
  5. hey jennifer
    i say, YES to the INK twiggy! totally love the twiggy! and its always good to have like a staple coloured b-bag... go for the city black... you cant go wrong with it!!!!
    i think the caramel/cognac would be wonderful in the city size! and totally loving the new colours coming out!!!!
  6. I bought the Ink Twiggy. Can't wait to get that one!! I am deciding between a Black city or purse. Which do you guys prefer?
  7. giggles178, i prefer the black city!
  8. Is the shoulder strap the only difference between the two?
  9. There's no additional shoulder strap on the purse like there is on the city. The double handles on the purse are just a bit longer so it's easier to carry on the shoulder. You'd have to wait from use for the double handles to stretch on the city.
  10. since you don't have a city already, i'd go for that too :yes:

    p.s. but of course, i'm partial to the purse :heart:
  11. The Ink in Twiggy is absolutely gorgeous. That would be my first choice. As far as caramel/cognac color, I'm partial to them in the City. As far as black, I think any style is fine. I love the old black in the City, but the new Black - I love it in the Day.

    As far as all the new colors, for me, the jury is out until I actually see the bag. It's sometimes hard for me to tell just on swatches and make judgements on how it'd look as a complete package! The Blue India and rouge vif though... definitely gets my heart beating... :love: :love:
  12. I have an 05 black city - I love it. The color goes with everything, and it's so city-chic. City is by far my favorite size and shape (next is the twiggy) and black is a very safe color - but really compliments the motorcycle look of the bag :smile:
  13. I must agree I love my Black City. It is a good starter piece, I also just ordered from Aloha Rag an Ink Day. It really depends on your preference and what you think you will get the most use out of.
  14. Ok so I gave in and got the Black City. Can't wait to get my bbags. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: I can't wait to get my pre-order grenat Twiggy too. Hopefully it will be just as pretty as the swatch. I guess I will be taking a break for awhile on buying until my b-day in October :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  15. Congrats, Jennifer! Great choices on the ink twiggy and black city! Please post pics of your collection when you can! :flowers:
    I, too, told myself no more bbags till my birthday - which only gives me 'till August. I hope I can make it! :amuse: