Tell me what to do!!!


What should I do with my money????

  1. Buy the Azur Mini Pochette this week!

  2. Keep looking for a Pomme 4 Key Holder!

  3. Save for an Azur Speedy!

  4. Don't spend any money on LV!

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  1. So, since I got my Mono agenda, I have been changing my mind constantly about what to get next. This coming week, I could call 866-Vuitton and have them find me a mini Azur pochette, which I really really want and have wanted for a few months now. Or, I could keep trying to find a Pomme 4 key holder, which I also want, but just started to want it about 2 weeks ago. OR... I could keep saving money for an Azur Speedy (my next in line bag purchase). Vote in my poll and tell me what to do!!! :p
  2. Save for a Speedy and get a Pochette further down the road to use as a cosmetic case inside your Speedy. ;)
  3. I would use the pochette inside my Epi Speedy right now though if I did get that... I forgot to mention that part. My Epi is Toledo so I think the Azur might look pretty cute with that. :biggrin:
  4. LOL who said don't spend any money on LV???
  5. That key holder is limited, get that. It'll look a little patriotic alongside the Toledo speedy but it's just so cute. Ultimately, it will look nice in the your future azur speedy.
  6. I'd save for the Speedy!
  7. I voted for 'save for azur speedy' but it sounds like you need some LV now! :nuts: Get the Azur mini pochette this week, use it in your epi while you save to get your Azur. Then you'll already have your access. bag when you get your speedy.
  8. I'd save for the speedy ! :yes:
  9. It certainly wasn't me.
  10. Save for the Speedy Azur it's so classic!
  11. ITA! (lol - I know what it's supposed to mean - but I don't know what the abbreviation stands for)
  12. Azur Speedy :yes:
  13. def azur speedy
  14. save your money honey!
  15. hmmm... I don't like the lining inside the speedy so I'm gonna say get the pomme key holder :biggrin: