Tell me what to do... (My poor new wristlet...)

  1. I got my signature stripe wristlet in Punch in the mail. It's SO BEAUTIFUL. I took it out of its wrapping and gazed at it... then I noticed it. The pink leather cuff that the round piece of tha handle that the leather's attached to? It was ripped! So the brass round part at one ond of the handle, along with the fob and tag, could just fall right off. And when I touched it? It ripped the rest of the way off! So now I have a messed-up wristlet that I paid $60 for. I'm so sad... it was my birthday present...

    So what do I do? Email the seller? or just take it to Coach and ask them to fix it? It's new....

    :sad: :crybaby: I'm afraid it can't be fixed. And I know they can't replace it because it's sold out.... what should I do, ladies?
  2. Take pictures of the wristlet, then e-mail them to the seller immediately. Let him/her know that you just got it and this was the condition when it arrived. Was it packaged properly or could the damage have happened in shipping? Did you pay with credit card?

    Do you want your money back to purchase a new one? Tell the seller what you expect in your e-mail. Be courteous, polite, but firm. Tell them what you want to happen.

    Since it was over $50, if you paid with CC you can get a charge back since it was not as described...even if you have to do a PayPal dispute.

    Good luck with it! I'm so sorry!
  3. It was packaged really well, which is what boggles me! I just can't believe this! :sad: So you think I should take it up with the seller instead of trying to get Coach to repair it? I did pay with my VISA debit card.
  4. Oh no that's terrible! I'm so sorry!! I would have cried if I was in that situation! Coach Bag has good advice. Do that and let us know how it goes!
  5. I'm so sorry this happened to you!! :sad: Can Coach even repair wristlets? I just wasn't sure. I'd e-mail the seller though and tell her what happened just like Coach Bag suggested. Because what she was selling wasn't what you got. Or at least what she described wasn't what you got.

    Good luck with it and let us know what happens! :yes:
  6. Oh no, I'm so sorry for you! Good luck in resolving it.
  7. Oh No! Such a disappointment. I would contact the seller and see what she has to say about the situation. Good Luck!:flowers:
  8. She says she sold me a new wristlet with no defects. She's being snarky. I sent her the following pics?
    rip1.jpg rip2.jpg
  9. Ohh hell ya.. I would contact the seller!! Good luck I hope it works out for you. Keep us posted!!
  10. File a paypal and eBay claim immediately. That's your best bet. Hold off on filiing negative feedback on the seller until AFTER this gets resolved. ONLY deal with paypal and/or eBay .. if you must e-mail the seller, do so through e-bay channels and not directly to her account.
    good luck!
  11. :wtf: I would definately email her about that... the whole dang thing came off?? I didn't understand the severity of the situation...

    She's probably not going to want to take it back, because if she shipped it off in "new" condition, she's going to think you did something to it, etc... Did you get postal insurance by chance?? To where you & the seller can go through USPS for a claim, if she says she didn't send it like that, etc...

    It's tough, because as a seller, if someone sent me a pic like that of something I *knew* I sent out in tip top condition, I would probably be snarky and think they broke it themselves... :shame: Now if she sent it out messed up, that is something DIFFERENT all together. I know its not easy to do, but give her the benefit of the doubt when you're trying to work it out, this kind of things cut sellers to the core. Good luck!!
  12. Finzup gives you great advice. Only communicate through eBay and PayPal. PayPal has two levels for problems...dispute and claim. I can't remember which one comes first, but you can decide that you don't want to communicate (negotiate) with the seller anymore and escalate it at any time. Just keep on being polite and fiirm with all your communictions and remember that you hold the trump can file with your credit card company. They will ask for you to return it and provide them with proof.

    I know all this because I purchased my son a pair of Nike 360's on eBay and they were COUNTERFEIT! Who knew they counterfeited shoes!
  13. Razorbackbelle:

    I am so sorry that this happened to you. You most definitely should file a claim with EBay and Paypal. You should communicate with the seller and let them know what happened. Perhaps it was damaged in the shipping. Let us know what happens. I hope this situation is resolved to your satisfaction. Good Luck!
  14. That is absolutely sh*tty.
    I wouldn't go through Coach because if they can repair it you'd have to pay that extra 20 bucks or whatever it is and that only adds to the 60 you already paid for a wristlet.
    Also, why should you? You thought you were getting a new product.
    Like finzup said I would continue to communicate ONLY through ebay messages andmake sure to file a claim through both routes.
    This is just some advice from my own experience, in the future, I would only pay with a real credit card because if ebay or paypal doesn't want to help you out your credit card company always will. As opposed to bank debit cards who will only help to a certain extent.
  15. She hasn't replied to the second email with the pictures.

    I talked to CS just to be sure and they said I need to go ahead and send it off to be repaired. But to be honest, I'm not sure if that kind of thing can be repaired-- and if it can't, they have no more of these in stock and can't give me a replacement :sad: