Tell Me What The Hell Is Rouge Vermillion?

  1. Upset no pink in the spring season next year.
  2. i know, me 2! .. its red something? lol
  3. i heard it's orange/red :shrugs:

    definitely do a search on this forum :yes:

    ps. i also wish there was a pink.. maybe like the 04 rose :love:
  4. Not sure how Balenciaga will interpret the color, but Vermillion is a red tinted with an orange undertone - Hermes has a red color with that name, and that's how they've done it as well.
  5. I googled that color and here is what came up:
  6. ^^ i find it kinda funny that it's the orangey-red that a lot of rouge vif girls are trying to avoid :rolleyes:

    thanks for posting the picture powderpuff :flowers:
  7. LOL I know. I acutally like the rouge vif for fall 06 better than the 05 bag. The 06 has just a hint of orange and I think it's perkier looking and pops more without being as bright as I expect the rouge vermillion will be. :yes:
  8. Okay, now I am truly upset, can you say yuck? :yucky:
  9. Isn't reddish orange the same color as rouille?
  10. ^That's what I thought too.
  11. I think it's going to be pretty bright. A bright orangy red color. Rouille is more of a beautiful rust orange - totally different.
  12. ^^Me too!
  13. in French vermillon means this rust color orange, I remember hating that paint tube in art class:P , guess it'll be slightly more orangish than rouille even though we can tell for sure just from the name
  14. I wish Balenciaga would make like a hott deep pink, sort of like Polos Auruba Pink -- yumm.

    Vermillion is ehh reminds me of something snake like.
  15. I wonder if it will be more of a coral? If so, that would be gorgeous.
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