Tell me what Fendi bag....

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  1. I should buy and why.

    I practically LIVE on the Coach forum and I'm a Coach SA. I've never had a Fendi bag, but the more I see of the Spy bags the more I'm DROOLING! :drool: Is it just SO last season, though?

    Is there a better Fendi bag? What's so great about Fendi-- the Spy bag, in particular? Talk to me, Fendi fashionistas! :nuts:
  2. I personally do not think there is a better Fendi bag than the Spy, but the magic bag is pretty cute, too. The B bag is newer, but seems more trendy to me than the spy. I certainly hope the spy is not "soo last season", or I guess I'm sorta screwed.
  3. I just figure if I'm gonna buy a bag that expensive it should be in season, right? LOL. Coach is priced where I can carry in-season bags every season because they're not a grand apiece, hence my curiosity.

    I mean, I'm gonna pay how much for a Spy...? :sneaky: my most expensive Coach bag is only a few hundred :nuts:
  4. They retail for around $2100, but we know of some places that sell authentic for less. I'm not really sure what you mean by "in season" -- do you mean that the color is right for the season, or that the Spy might no longer be fashionable?
  5. I don't want a bag that'll go out of style within the next year or two is what I mean :yes:
  6. RB - not sure about Coaches, but the Fendis sometimes increase in value, or are even more desirable when they are discontinued, or prior year bags. A lot of us drool over the 2005 petrol, green & camel spys that are no longer available.:nogood:
  7. Definately the Spy!! You can't describe what is so great but i guarantee once you buy one you will wan't more!! I definately think they are going to be in style for a long time!!
  8. maybe u should just stick with coach :tup:
  9. Spy bags are cool. I have gotten a lot of use out of them. I also have a couple of B. Fendi bags which I don't get much use out of because of the closure, its irritating IMO to get in and out of. Spy bags have been around for a while now when a lot of people thought they would die out but they keep coming out each season. You should be safe!
  10. They're just so pretty! How can I find an affordable REAL one? Read: Affordable: under $1,000....
  11. For under $1000, you would have to get one used off of ebay. I don't know of anywhere that sells a new one for that little (even on eBay). I have gotten a few used, and they are a mixed bag. One was perfect, and the other not-so-perfect.

    Even on eBay, it could be a while before you find an authentic used bag for under $1000. I have paid between $1000-1200 for the ones I have gotten there used.
  12. I don't think wearing a Spy Bag in a few years would be a fashion faux pas. But, if by some odd chance you grow weary of wearing her after your purchase the secondary market is pretty good. You would probably be able to sell her and get a decent amount of money in return. I would worry about paying under $1K for a spy. They are heavily replicated. Have you checked out the baby spy? That might be closer to your price range and they are SUPER cute. :girlsigh:
  13. Oooh, no, I'll look into that! I'll spend more than $1k if necessary but I love shoppin' for bargains! Tell me about this baby spy?