Tell me this was not a bad move!

  1. I went to Saks today (just to look honest) and the sale table in handbags had two gorgeous silverados, chocolate and taupe, it was 11 and the 50% off was until 12...anyway the chocolate was 500 and the really pretty taupe was 417 before the taxes, it was marked 1400 something. I tried it on for 10 minutes with saleslady trying to sell it to me and my 9 year old "I don't like it mom" because when you are doubtful you should always take fashion advice from a 9 year old boy! I left without the bag and I should be happy to have not spent any money, but it was really pretty. Now I wish I had the bag! But it was smart to leave without spending right? :hysteric:
  2. Yes it was the right thing to do because you were not in love with the bag! It does not matter how much or how little a bag costs- if you don't love it, then you won't wear it or enjoy wearing it! So in my opinion, I am glad you walked away, and now you can put that money towards a bag that you DO love!!!
  3. Thank you Jag! You are right. It was that saleslady voice in the backround "It's a great deal". If you love a bag you know right away right?
  4. Right! I know it is hard to pass up such a great deal- but if you don't love the bag, then you are buying it just to buy. And all that will get you is a closet full of bags, shoes whatever that you won't enjoy using. You totally did the right thing!
  5. Agree with Jag!!

    It is sooo hard for me to pass up a "good deal", damn near impossible!! But if I wasn't *needing* it before it was on sale, then I certainly don't need it just because it costs less.

    Wait for the right person and then put the money would have spent today towards that bag (purse math!!) :yes:
  6. You definitely did the right thing -- it will save you selling it later or just starring at it!!

    To which Saks did you go -- I really want the chocolate!! Maybe I can call them and have it shipped!
  7. When something like this happens to me, I buy the bag, take it home, then decide if I want to keep it or not. From large department store they give you like 30 days for return.

    There have been times I passed on something I should have bought and was sorry later. I say if it's from a large department store, if in doubt buy it, but keep the receipt and tags, then take 30 days to decide.
  8. you absolutely did the right thing, i have bought so many bags (and tops...and shoes...and skirts...etc...etc...etc...) because they were such a good deal how could i possibly pass them up and i just end up feeling guilty because i never use them. and as jag so wisely mentioned, now you'll have more funds when the bag you truly love comes along. also i want to tell you i'm very impressed with your willpower!
  9. Saks in Walt Whitman mall...It was on the "sale table", is that what it is called? But I did see a beautiful though not on sale red Edith. The chocolate silverado was really a pretty colour.
  10. Rai--Can you return when you buy on those special 50% off sales? NYCMom--Thank you!! It was my 9yr old saying over the sales lady that he wasn't crazy about it (he's the next Stephen K. what ever his name is) that gave me the willpower.;)
  11. i can totally relate, both my kids (4 and 6) have become quite the bag critics! :lol:
    although tonite it almost got me in trouble as my daughter kept asking loudly "is that a new bag? that's a new bag mommy!" in front of my husband who just does not need to know that info right now! :shame:
  12. LOL! That is too funny!
  13. Kimmi,

    Yes, you can definetly return if you bought from a large deptartment store like Nordstroms. I have even returned things I took the tags off of, but did not use. Buying from the boutique is different though, I think a big sale item there might be a final sale. I never buy from the Chloe boutique, only Nordstroms.
  14. Thanks Rai! Good to know.
  15. Oh Kimmi.... I should take your son shopping with me, that way... I will not be broke all the time....