Tell me this is a good deal!

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  1. I should've gotten this back on the July 4th weekend but when I got back there, it was all gone.


    It's the large size and I got it for $65 including shipping. :jammin:

    Not another sofa pic! BF is gonna kill me!!! (He might suggest me photoshop the new bags in - LOL, can't blame him!)
  2. Are you kidding me?? That's a FANTASTIC DEAL!!! Where did you get it from? Is it from the outlet??
  3. I got it from eBay. The bag was purchased from an outlet but it didn't go that high in the end so I won. Perfect and high feedback and I used Paypal so there shouldn't be a problem. :yes:
  4. Great deal! And new too! GJ!
  5. Good lord ... I would love to find that kind of deal. Great find!
  6. Great Deal!
  7. Yay! I wasn't sure how much it went the last time they were still at the outlets but I figured I couldn't get a better price than this!
  8. OMG...that IS a good deal! Congrats!!!
  9. Damnit !! I paid 70 plus 8% tax for mine over the labour day weekend from the store. You're awesome ! :yes:
  10. It must be a fluke! Maybe everyone is out on a Friday night? Well, I know now what night it is best to bid! LOL! :graucho:
  11. Friday night is usually the night where most people are online (my auctions usually do the best when they end that night !). Grr.. so yes, you did get a deal and I'm jealous !! :P

    Oh and when did you get your scribble hobo ? I'm kind of sad that I never saw one at the outlets, it looks like we'll never be together now. :crybaby:
  12. At the outlets. It went fast. I got the last one on the July 4th weekend. I hope you do get one soon!
  13. Wow, that is a really good deal!:nuts:
  14. Awesome deal! I have the black one and I got it at the outlet for... $77 I believe a few months back.
  15. Definately an awesome deal! Congrats
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