Tell me the best duster you know of!

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  1. I am going nuts at my new place. I have so many mirrored surfaces, but even the non-mirrored ones get dusty so fast. My home isn't intrinsically more dusty than others, but it has so much more natural light, I notice the dust much more than my last place (which was darker).

    My housekeeper comes once per week, and I use the Swiffer Duster 360's. But even right after she dusts with them, I notice dust still! She doesn't know a better solution.

    We have tried Windex and a Paper towel (which leaves dust) and also a hand-held vacuum cleaner (which she can't put directly on my fragile pieces).

    If you have found an amazing dusting solution or duster, please share! I tried google but lots of articles seemed biased from their sponsors.
  2. My place gets a lot of dust too, especially when I leave the windows open (I live in a high rise). I've heard that air filters can help with dust. Do you have any of them in your place?
  3. I have a lot of dust too. I dust and half a day later there is dust on everything again. I have dark furniture which really shows the dust and I'm at a loss as to how to keep it down as nothing seems to help.

    I have an air purifier but I think I need at least one more in the house and during cold weather I make sure to change my furnace filter as needed.
  4. Use a damp microfiber cloth to dust with. Or even a dampened piece of a soft mens undershirt. Swiffers stir some dust up into the air and it falls right back down. With a damp cloth nothing gets stirred up.
  5. I don't think there's an efficient way to keep dust away from your furniture. Even if you clean them once a day the dust will "visit" them again and again. I've tried a veritey of products as well but nothing worked so far...:nogood: I'm open to any suggestions though!!
  6. how can i tell if there is an air filter? is it something that would be out in the open or in the wall behind a vent?

    i feel like i notice it more with all the mirrored surfaces. it is driving me insane!!

    this is a good idea, i will try this next! thank you!


    a friend suggested finding a hand held vaccuum with a super soft brush attachment. has anyone found one with a soft brush attachment? mine is very stiff, the bristles aren't safe to touch a lot of my pieces.
  7. I typed air filter and I actually meant air purifier. I was thinking about getting some myself for my place -- maybe one in the living room and one in the bedroom.
  8. If you are dusting and vacuuming, you should vacuum first and then dust in case your vacuum does not trap everything and lets fine dust out the exhaust.
  9. Hmmm... I've never tried something like this but your housekeeper must be SUPER careful while she uses it. I've seen your beautiful Hermes trays and plates and I cannot even imagine them getting even a tiny scratch on!!!

    I know I sound pessimistic but I'm kind of OCD when it comes to cleaning! LOL

    As I said in my previous post, though I've found nothing that can keep the dust AWAY from the furniture, what does the job better for me, in order to just CLEAN the dust, is using a soft cloth slightly wet so that the dust sticks on the wet surface and doesn't spread around.
  10. And this!!!

    In general, you should firstly do all the other cleaning (like vacuuming, mopping etc) and leave the dust last to deal with.
  11. Maybe have your utility [or other private] company do a home energy audit to identify possible air/dust infiltration points. Leave shoes-Japanese style--at the entry. Make sure you are using a high efficiency ac/heating air filter on your home unit. I think 3M makes one rated 1500 [or 1800] which filters down to a very small particle, maybe even smoke. These are available at Walmart. Replace them fairly frequently. More elaborate active air purifiying systems are available as replacement or add ons to your home ac/heating system. These could be somewhat expensive. Also, as has been mentioned, consider buying a stand alone HEPA air filter. Less expensive versions of these are also available at Walmart. I think there may be a fragrance free Pledge furniture spray which supposedly repels dust.