Tell me, Show me, ALL about your FAYE

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  1. Why does everyone worry about expensive designer bags becoming outdated? If you love your bag, use it and enjoy it! I don’t understand the obsession with worrying about your bag becoming outdated!
  2. I think some ppl tend to wear stuff less as soon as they think it looks outdated or their taste even changes very fast you know?
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    Well when I spend major bucks for a bag, I’m going to use it!
    If my taste is going to change fast, then I think I’d stick with cheaper bags! Lol! I am still using a Chloe military paraty, I love it.
    And I have a small Faye backpack, plan on getting lots of use outta it. I live in the country and don’t feel the need to worry about outdated handbags! All that matters is if I love it! [emoji106]
  4. I think most of the Chloe styles are fairly classic - particularly in a classic color. For me, it's more about the leather/fabric/pattern/adornments. If I worry about a bag becoming "outdated" it's usually because of the color/adornments etc and not style of the bag itself.
  5. My thoughts exactly!
    When buying a bag I don’t care about trends or how fast it’s gonna be outdated. I buy when I truly like a bag and can see myself wearing it no matter what’s trendy.
    And the Faye is definitely one that I saw and fell in love with right then and there.
    I don’t use social media, so I wasn’t even aware of the buzz the bag was creating back then. I just simply liked it and will be wearing mine till it falls apart.
  6. Amen! Me, too!
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  7. After considering this bag for over 2 yrs I just bought the black on (there’s currently 10% off of you order via app).

    Can’t wait to receive it.
  8. Did you get the small? I think you’ll love it! I love mine!
  9. I got the medium one. I already own to many „small“ bags :smile:
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  10. Faye Day Mini bag in goatskin is a win-win for me. I can toss it around, and it still looks like new. It has a handle and detachable strap. Highly recommend

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  11. This is my first initial thought about the Faye. I have the bag for about 2 years now, and it's one of the bag that I love it so much I wear it so often. It fits my style and my personality perfectly.
    I think Faye has become one of Chloe classics, I love it more than the Drew, which is also a beautiful bag. I think if you really love the bag, you just buy it, rather than buy something that people say 'classic bags' you don't really like.
    That way, you'll love the bag more, you wear it more often and it will bring you happiness [emoji4]
  12. I’m sooo obsessed with this bag.
    Although trying hard not to give in, I’m already weighing the small against the mini. And this colour you have :nuts:
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  13. Guys, I use this bag for 2 years, and I've used it a lot. And today when I prepare things I want to carry I just realized this happened to the suede part of the bag.
    I think it happened because i used to overload the bag. Anyone have any idea how to restore it? [emoji24][emoji24][emoji24] so devastated. 20190516_113309.jpg
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  14. I think a cobbler can fix that, it looks like the glazing wore off causing the fabric to separate....was it rubbing against your side when it as loaded up?
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  15. So excited! Just bought a faye day in red! I’m so bad!
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