Tell me, Show me, ALL about your FAYE

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  1. Wow, it's a great size! I've never seen it in person before but i have seen the mini backpack, and it's great that it's similar in height and width to the backpack!
  2. Yes very similar look to the Faye Mini backpack. However the Mini backpack does hold a lot more.
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  3. Regretfully I can't say where this photo is from; I just found it on Google. If you know, please let me know!

    Here is a very used Faye. I'm not sure how I feel seeing it so stuffed but I can't deny that's it great to see a bag being put to use, rather than being babied!

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  4. Another blogger carrying the Faye; I love when the gussets get stretched out :smile:

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  5. Haha I’m the opposite, I love the over stuffed look. Beautiful version of the Chloe Faye bag. I love the studs and the colour is to die for.

    Ahh I just love this bag! I want one in every colour!
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  6. I just got a new Chloe Medium Faye bag in a colour called Silver Blue. It’s an absolutely gorgeous chameleon colour. Sometimes it can look really dark almost black and other times it can look deep navy blue or dark blue green. Its so hard to describe this colour, maybe like ‘the midnight ocean’. :smile: It’s got grey undertones which makes it a great nuetral.

    The Silver Blue and Tabacco are keeping each other company in my wardrobe now. I never really buy doubles of bags unless they’re really practical for my lifestyle like my Celine Nanos! :smile:

    The photo of the two style icons wearing their Tobacco and Silver Blue Faye bag is what made me fall in love with these colours. :smile:

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  7. It’s beautiful! That is really a beautiful color. Huge congrats! :flowers: Your other Faye is a beauty too and given how great these bags are I can totally understand having multiples :smile:
  8. Thank you so much! :flowers: I really love both of them. Even though they are the same bag the colours give them such a different vibe. The Tabacco is really cool and effortless. Whilst the Silver Blue can be really cool and casual but also look great for work or more formal events.
  9. Wow beautiful congrats. I can see how those pics inspired you. Enjoy the bag
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  10. mmexport1514354745608.jpg
  11. IMG_0592.JPG IMG_0592.JPG Very quick question. This isn't an authenticity question because I just purchased my medium Faye from a reputable store, but is this really the only authenticity card? My last Chloe a few years back had hologram on card. This seems to be just a piece of card. Thanks in advance

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  12. Hi! I got this card with mine too and also the usual plastic authenticity card. I’m not sure which is right but I did read something in another thread (can’t remember which one, I’m sorry) that the cardboard card is their new authenticity card. Would love to know for sure myself. And would love to see pics of your new Faye :flowers:
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  13. Hi thanks. I need to search other threads and find out if the card was changed in that case. I will let you know once I find anything
  14. I found this so maybe I answered my own question
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