Tell me, Show me, ALL about your FAYE

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  1. I bought my first Chloé bag last month (Drew in python and calfskin) and I simply adore her so much! I have been using her loads, and she is very easy to use and versatile. Oh, and I get a LOT of compliments and looks, for some reason... more so than when I wear any other bags, maybe because it's "trendy" moment? :shrugs:

    So I decided I want another Chloé bag and fell in love with another one, just in time... :heart:

    Saw this picture of Rosie Huntington-Whitley (sp?) carrying a Faye in python and suede and decided that I want one like that, but before I splurge for it, I want to hear from Chloé girls who own a Faye!

    Do you own a Faye?
    Do you like it? Love it? Hate it? Why?
    Tell me anything and everything about your Faye!
    Show me your Faye! Or pics of you wearing your Faye!

    Basically anything related to Faye, I want to know and see :yes:

    Thank you ladies!!!
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  2. Think this is the bag... but there are other Fayes I like too.
    img-thing (1).jpg
  3. Like this...
  4. I like the one she is wearing here too.
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  5. OK, I promise this is my last post for now. But being a python lover, I couldn't leave this one out...
  6. So... who has a Faye that she wants to show off? I just saw an out-of-this-world-gorgeous red python Faye that Mmh23 posted on another thread... anyone else?

    Is the ring closure a pain to get in and out of by any chance?
  7. Here are the other two that I own - love them all!:


  8. Gorgeous!!! You really look great with Faye. So it comes in 2 sizes, I assume? Are they both made from suede?

    How much stuff fit in either one? Decent amount? Have you had any difficulty w/ the ring closure?

    Thank you so much for sharing!!!!
  9. Found another pic- her name escapes me atm, but I like her Faye! I like the larger size Faye better, but the smaller one is growing on me too... hmm.... decisions...
  10. I love the Faye! I don't personally own one because I am trying to save up for another purse but if I had unlimited funds, I would get one. I think it's such a sophisticated style and something that not everyone is carrying so it is very unique in that way!
    My favorite is the grey suede one.
    I recently saw a "What's in My Bag" video on Youtube featuring the Faye bag and I was surprised by how much it fit in it!

    Here is the link:
  11. That looks like the Printemps Hausmann counter! Did you pick up the Drew wallet in front of you? :smile:
  12. This is a very similar story to mine! I first purchased the Drew, then went back a few days later for the Drew bag charms/to try on the Faye. It's perfect.

    I think the difference between the Drew and the Faye is the Drew is more glam in my opinion. I'd wear it from day to night. But the Faye is more daily handbag to me. I'm positive I'll be picking up the smaller version when I'm in Paris!

  13. Love the bigger Faye on you! Is that the grey color?
  14. I have the Drew and am now lusting for the Faye! So gorgeous and casual!
  15. This is not grey - it's a really light tan...supposedly a special color for end of summer - from the Madison Ave boutique in NYC!