Tell me more about this stunning bag!! *PICS*

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  1. I have completely fallen in love with this bag. I think it would be SO gorgeous, and SO classy for work. The leather looks TDF. My only concern is, I dislike the fact that it's a handheld and there is an extra strap for the shoulder....for work, I really prefer a shoulder-carried bag. My question is, does Prada make any bags similar to this style but with longer straps or bags designed with the shoulder in mind....? By the way, what IS the name of this bag? That might help me do my own search a bit better... [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. wow...haha, you know you're obsessed when you keep refreshing the page to see if anyone sooooo in love with this bag!!!
  3. the one on the right is the east west satchel. I think the one on the left is the hobo. A lot of the Prada bags in this style are hand held with a long shoulder strap.
  4. This is the closest I can get - it's on bluefly:

  5. This one is gorgeous, I love it. =)
  6. It looks like the Pleated Satchel - I just got it today in Black from but they have it in brown see the first pic (it is a great buy and you can use the new customer coupon for 10% off). There is also a picture of it on bag borrow or steal - second pic...
    overstockbrownpradasatchel.jpg bagborrowstealprada.jpg
  7. Wow :drool: Both are beautiful! The leather looks TDF. LOL I can't pick which style I like more. I'd love to know more about these bags, too :nuts:
  8. ^^ i knowwwww!!!! ugh! shopshopshop (love that name, btw) - is the second bag a shoulder bag? looks like the handles are long enough....or is it the same bag as the first one? hahaha..both are gorgeous too!!!

    i think despite how TDF all these bags are, my only issue is that ...wouldn't it look weird with handles and a long shoulder strap? it's kind of like wearing a speedy with a long shoulder strap....just kinda awkward that just me?
  9. I kind of like the look. It makes it more casual though. My only concern is accidently catching the long strap on something and giving it a good yank and pulling it off. I've done something like that before with a long, dangling strap.
  10. I ordered the second one from Amazon before, the leather is terrific!! The size is very good for me(I'm very petite), but I returned it because it's not zip closure. Go for it if it doesn't bother you.
  11. I love the second one! Go for it!
  12. i love the second one as well! it's gorgeous and the leather looks absolutely delicious! what are you going to choose?
  13. im so in love with both!!!! do you guys think the second one is big enough as an everyday work bag? hmm...

    still not sure whether it looks weird with the handles and shoulder strap, but i think i love it so much that i may just use it as a handheld....hehee
  14. Wow i'm in love right now too... love both of 'em! I wonder how much...
  15. Scroll through Styledrops inventory. They've got the best online selection I know of. You might find something you like there. Be prepared though, their prices run high. They are "site of last resort" for bags for that reason, but the window shopping is great!