Tell me more about this bag!

  1. Was surfing eBay and spotted this bag (except in black) and i love it! It's the larger size so I was wondering if it fits over the shoulder comfortably? And I'm not sure I want to spend so much on nylon. Ladies who have this bag, what do you think? Do you like it or hate it? Should I save my money for a trip to the outlets and see what there is, or save up for the chocolate canvas carly? Sighs, so many bags, so limited funds! [​IMG]
  2. I have the suede version. The straps fit over my shoulder, but kind of tightly. I usually just carry it. I got it at the outlets-Woodbury Commons-and it was about $200, I think? I forgot. I got it at Midnight Madness. I would check the outlets or call them and see if it is in stock and how much. Good luck.
  3. I also have this in black leather and the handles IMHO are not meant for the shoulders. It might fit over a bare shoulder but that's about it. It is a satchel and meant to be hand held. Also, the handles are rolled so they would not be comfortable on the shoulder and the width of the bag is about 5-6 inches so the handles sit quite far apart and once on your shoulders I would think that the outside handle would constantly be slipping off your shoulder. HTH.
  4. Last year, Labor Day, it was down to about $200 plus at the outlets. I had a hard time "giving" one away on eBay. I think I finally sold it for $165 or so... I might be off on the prices but they originally were expendive and came down to half off on Labor Day. They had the big ones and the small ones.
  5. it's meant to be a satchel, not an over the shoulder bag. I'm very average size and it was tight on me
  6. thanks for the info! i think i will pass on the bag, i have too many hand helds as it is.
  7. ooooh. i think i should save my money for the outlets then!