Tell me more about the "Naissance d'une idee" scarf

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  1. Can anyone tell me more about the inspiration for this scarf and the meaning behind its design? I love the name (it's meaningful to me on several levels) and I want to learn more about it before deciding whether to buy it. Thanks!
  2. Kenzie - it's also one of my faves, and I just bought one on e-bay! I too would like to know more of the story behind the design. One of the things I love about H scarves is - they make you think.
  3. Woo hoo, congrats on your new purchase! I'd love to study that particular scarf up close so I can read everything written on it. That one in particular seems to be quite thought-provoking.
  4. I'd really like to know more too.

    Posting Quinn's Mom's photo so folks have reference for this thread...
  5. ^I'd also like to know more. This is one of my favorites ... :yes:
  6. It´s such a beautiful design. I don´t know about the idea behind it but I´m sure someone will see this thread soon and knows.
  7. I throw in a guess da Vinci.
  8. I was curious, so I did a web search on the title. It appears that it's a common expression in French, and there's a philosophy book by that title, but I didn't find anything more helpful (even on French webpages -- of course, I was relying on Google's translation service, so I undoubtedly was missing most of the meaning of those pages). I also ran a search, adding "Hermes" as a required term, but nothing popped up explaining the background of the scarf.
  9. It means "birth of an idea," correct? From what I could read on the scarf, it's almost looks like a map of the creative process. Or maybe it's just my brain doing free association. :biggrin: