Tell me more about Brynne - Colors? Size?

  1. Just curious about in what colors the Brynne is or has been available. I see the auburn and camel on the Kooba site, and black on Neiman Marcus. There seems to be another color that shows up on the Kooba site, but it's not available? Maybe chestnut?

    Also, I have questions about the size. I initially wanted a Ginger as my summer bag, but didn't love the size or texture of the leather when I saw the bag IRL at Off Fifth. Is the Brynne larger than the Ginger or pretty much the same size?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Well, regarding size, the Brynne is a nice large bag. I'm pretty sure its several inches larger than the Ginger. The Brynne really is a shoulder tote. About 17.5" wide, 12.5" high and 6" deep.

    I believe it also came in oak, along with the other colors you mentioned. I have it in black and LOVE it. The leather has a great feel to it, but it does not have to be babied.
  3. Thanks, youngster. I think the color I would like is the Oak. It's listed as brown (Oak) on the BG site. Kooba's site only has Camel and Auburn. I think the leather on the Oak is similar to the leather on the black Brynne. And, I think this size will work better for me than the Ginger. Now I have to find a great deal ...
  4. Hi again surlygirl, I like the oak too! I'm guessing that there will be another markdown of those by BG or NM in the next few weeks, so stalking their sites is probably a good idea. There was also a thread just a few days back about Halzer's Brynne, and her Vaseline treatment of it. I think that may have been the camel color one? I also posted a couple of photos of my Brynne in black in the photos section. One of the photos is of me holding it, so you can get an idea of size. For reference, I'm 5'7" about 135.