Tell me it's worth it

  1. Hello, I'm new here and am lusting over the Balenciaga City bag!! My heart is telling me to buy this bag, but my head is telling me that it's a lot of money! So, here's a question to all of you Balenciage lovers out there: Is this bag worth the money?? Are they hard to get your hands on?

    The most I've ever spent on a handbag was $450 for an Isabella Fiore. I actually plan on selling my bags on eBay so that will give me some extra cash to put towards a Balenciaga
    I've been oggling over all the beautiful bags that you all have pictured and I'd love to add mine up there too!
  2. if you're looking for justification for starting a bbag habit, you've come to the right place! i used to carry around $10 bags...don't ask me how i ended up with a bbag habit :shrugs:

    bbags look better after time (in my opinion) versus other bags which look worse for the wear; if you decide the bags aren't for you, there's always a secondary market on eBay and at consignment shops - and if you buy hot colors, the price may increase!; and these bags are just plain drop-dead gorgeous. (again, in my opinion!)

    as for access to cities - it depends on what color you want. previous seasons' colors can be difficult to come by, or maybe not; even current season colors can sometimes be hard to find in a particular style. if you're looking for black or white, though, you're in luck, because they're the only colors produced continuously ;) check out the thread on where to find bbags to find stores and online sources for authentic bags. many of us forumites love the atelier.naff site as a 'bible' on authenticating bbags, each season's colors, a bag style's just wonderful.

    good luck!
  3. Thanks for the information! I've actually been checking out that site and have been checking out the 2007 color swatches. Of course, the one that catches my eye is the one in the top left corner that doesn't have a label on it. Anyone know what that color is called? And what do you consider to be the hot colors? I think I've pretty much made up my mind that I'm going to "go for it" and now it's just trying to decide on color and hoping I can find one somewhere!
  4. Best bag I've ever owned and I've been collecting for well over a decade. You will not be disappointed!
  5. It's worth it!!
  6. if you mean the swatches here, none of us are really sure of these colors since they're for the fall/winter collection. i'm guessing it might be the red shade that many of us are hoping is less orange than the rouille (rust) and more like the 04 red. or could the swatch be of the rouille shade? the lighting isn't the best. ack! sorry i can't be of more help! at any rate, these colors aren't out yet, so i'm sure we'll be hearing more about them very soon.
  7. The quality of BBags is just amazing and I am sure you will just love your first BBag!:love:

    And in case you don't: the re-sale value is really good!

    Good luck with your choice:yes:
  8. The unlabeled swatch on the upper left is just a repeat of one of the labeled swatches below. In the F/W 07 swatchboard, it's either Rouge or Rouille. In the original S/S 07 swatchboard, it's Cobalt/Aquamarine.
  9. Well worth it! Bbags aren't hard to find anymore but their construction and leather is great and they "age" really well.
  10. I love my bbags. I only have 2, but i do plan to buy another one. I need a classic black bbag and right now I'm on a Coach buying frenzy!!! But, I love my bbags. Get one - you won't regret it!
  11. I think the City or First bag would be best to start with. Once you start on Bbags, one is not enough. There are so many colours and leathers that vary from season to season. A good Bbag to start with is a Black City, or perhaps you should look at an Anthracite?
  12. Definitely worth it =)

    My most expensive bags was a $25 Liz Claiborne (I still love this bag though).

    But be warned, you cannot go back after a B-bag. The leather is just too yummy =)
  13. I agree 100%. I was a $20 max for a purse then all of a sudden... those bags just don't cut it anymore. I only have one bbag so far, a black city, but I love it so much.
  14. Beware!! You will find yourself feeding your family Ramen noodles for weeks just to fund your next purchase!!! :hrmm:
  15. Yes Its worth it!!