Tell me I'm not crazy

  1. [ haven't even used my Speedy 30 that I bought in Paris - tonight I bought a "Saleya med. Damier" at Louis Vuitton at Saks - What is the matter with me? I am out of control but I just loved this bag!!! Look for some selling on the market place - please excuse the beddingg[
    shoes 007.jpg shoes 008.jpg shoes 009.jpg
  2. Well Done!!
  3. You've come to the right place, sista!:lol: BEATIFUL BAG!!!:love: ENJOY IT!!!
  4. You're CRAZY just like all of us here! Embrace it! :lol:
  5. Congrats! and you're not crazy .... lol
  6. I'm telling you.... I do the same thing. As soon as I get one bag, it's on to the next. It's really as obsession for me. I feel like there's no end on sight sometimes. My husband hates it!
  7. The Saleya is one of my favorite Damier bags! (up there with the Chelsea, Papillon, and Manosque)
  8. LOVE the saleya! i have the PM, and it's great. it was my first LV -- but now i have the addiction and i already have 3 more items!
  9. you have such good taste i absolutley love the saleya.......and you know that once you start there's no stopping :lol:
  10. Oh I'm so glad someone knows the Saleya! It's so classicly stunning and I don't hear much about it here - Thanks so much!!!
  11. Oooooo how nice is that :love: Will it fit over your shoulder ?


  12. Congrats on your beautiful Saleya and on your growing addiction to LV. :lol:
  13. I also have the saleya.

    It's a great bag!

    Good choice (and, no, you're not crazy!)
  14. congrats! i love it. it looks so sophisticated.