Tell me I’m not crazy...authentication cards?

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  1. Coach bags do not come with authentication cards, do they? I’m trying to sell some older bags and I’ve had two people ask for them, then basically tell me I’m selling counterfeit bags because I don’t have them. They come with care cards, not authentication cards.

    I feel like premium bags like Chanel, and maybe others, I’m not really sure which other designers have authentication cards, have made everyone think that every bag manufacturer has this elusive card that deems the product real.

    I’ve bought many many coach bags and never got an "authentication" card.

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    Nope, I have been buying Coach for years and they always just come with the care card. It's funny how people think things are real just as long there's one-like those can't be faked somehow? lol. I sold a bag that had the new creed, and the buyer told me it's fake since the style number's not on it. People need to do more research before going to pitchforks, sigh.
  3. Thank you for the validation. It makes you not even bother trying to sell anything.

    I’m so over it. I’m taking everything to a consignment shop and letting them deal with it. Online selling is the worst!
  4. Ditto. These days when I go online, I'll only buy and not sell. And even then I'd feel bad about the crap that some of these sellers probably have to deal with.
  5. I have had most of my 1941 bags come with a little authentication card. If bought in the boutique the SA writes the date on it.
  6. This one came from Neiman Marcus so it's still blank. Maybe this is what people are asking for?
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  7. All of mine have been blank, even ones that come from Coach directly!
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    For a very short time, maybe 7 or 8 years ago give or take a few, Coach ads claimed that "authentication cards" were included with their bags. I've never seen one in person but it didn't take long for that nitwit idea to be dropped. No card or piece of paper or cardboard or plastic can EVER prove that a Coach is genuine. As soon as it's removed from the bag's original wrapping it becomes as useless as teats on a bull. The only thing that can ever prove an item is genuine is that all the details are EXACTLY right for that style made in the month, year and plant indicated in the serial number or production code tag. And I've NEVER understood why those idiots who insist on seeing a card think that bags can be faked but pieces of paper or plastic can't.

    Other than that moment of sublime stupidity, Coach in the US has never used or had anything called or labeled an authenticity card. Anyone who insists otherwise is wrong, unless they can show us otherwise. - THE EXCEPTION are some items sold in parts of Asia, Whateve discussed that here:

    ETA - the piece of paper in the 2 posts above this are what I was referring to - not only are they not even marked or filled in, but what would they actually prove even if they were?

    Does anyone who got one from Coach happen to remember what year - or month - Coach was using them?

    In addition to the one in the above post, here's one that may have been used in some Asian markets:
    authenticity card poss for Asian markets-a.jpg authenticity card poss for Asian markets-b.jpg

    and another one in my files with a tentative date of 2016:
    authenticity card 2016-a.jpg
    authenticity card 2016-b.jpg

    There's no effective way any of these can PROVE something is authentic. They could maybe be called Warranty Cards but that's all.
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  9. Here is one from Japan from 2012.......

    F0543265-90DE-46FF-A269-A75A57A049D4.jpeg 8822C700-36FA-4342-9D1A-EC0DE5511E40.jpeg
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  10. I remember seeing them on items that were bought in Asia.
  11. I’ve never even seen those kinds of cards before (the handwritten filled in ones). I almost think trolls (other sellers)are online and they do that to sellers to discredit their listings.

    I must admit I got really snippy today with a buyer that low balled me on my rogue then “before she bought” wanted more pics and the authenticity cards. I offered her the name and phone number of my SA which is actually the store manager of the coach store I bought it at.

    Kind of out of my character to start an online fight but its sick. The unsuspecting people who read that now think that if they get sent “a card” means their item is real, and they could in fact be buying counterfeit.
  12. As Mister Spock would say - "Fascinating".

    Adding the pics to my collection. Thanks for the information!
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  13. I’ve bought my fair share of 1941 products and if I got these cards, I can guarantee that my SA never wrote anything on them.
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