Tell me if this is ridiculous or not...

  1. I just got quoted for a platinum eternity band for 1cttw for $7900, F, VS2 from a jeweller in Valley Fair....does it really cost that much? or do they think I just looked like I'm easy to rip off? :hysteric: GEEZ!!! $7900!!!!!!!!!!

    you think they were expecting me to negotiate to 1/3 this price??
  2. That sounds right.

    We looked into switching my wedding set from WG to Platinum; but, the setting for platinum was more than 2 x's what the WG setting had cost.

    Perhaps you could find a slightly better price by shopping different jewelers, Blue etc; however, that does seem fair for certified diamonds and platinum.
  3. hmmm...well in that case - I am wondering if I was being taken too...:confused1:

    Perhaps, a local jeweler just expected you to haggle - or they just don't have the buying power; therefore, causing his metal or stones to cost him more - ergo cost you more.

    If Tiffany's is advertising a similar ring to what you looked at for $6450 imagine what else is out there.

    Do you have a Hyde Park in San Fran? They have beautiful jewellery there.
  4. Sounds ridiculous to me - it is only 1 ct TW. Shop around - check out for some amazing online vendors.

    Beand names are usually more money, like Tiffany. Or a designer name. But not for regular GIA certed diamonds.
  5. I don't believe I we have a Hyde Park here...

    Yea...the crazy thing is Tiffany was cheaper AND bigger!

    Do they usually GIA cert the small diamonds in the eternity bands? or do they jeweler usually just 'guarantees' it?

    I have checked out pricescope too...I just wasn't sure about buying a wedding band online from a place I've never been too...hehe...kinda takes the fun away? Do you guys have any experience with that? and how do you feel about that?
  6. I was just going to add that jewelers usually don't cert small diamonds.

    I bought my WG, 5 stone 1ct tw wedding band on line from I highly recommend them. I understand what you mean about the fun of buying in person. I've been married for many years so for me, at this point, it is all about saving money.

    I checked Whiteflash and they have a Tiffany style diamond wedding band but it is not eternity. They do have a regular eternity band in platunum;

    Shared-Prong Eternity Diamond Wedding Band

    Just some info for you to compare prices!!! That one is $1,600 for a shared prong ring in plat. .90 cttw.
  7. I think you should do your wedding band shopping in store - that is just my opinion.

  8. ^^Yea if you like to over pay!!! One needs to be educated about diamonds before shopping in a store. She is asking for info - I'm trying to help her out!!!

  9. absolutely - and it is great info - I just answered her question about wedding band shopping, sorry - I did not mean to offend you. :flowers:
  10. I agree. It is nice to be armed with info when trying to negotiate with the jeweler.
  11. I appreciate everyone's comments. :yes: The links are very helpful, and I totally think that the internet is very useful when it comes to collecting info. The jewelers seems to treat you differently when you know (at least seem to k know) what you're talking about.

    Believe me, when we shopped for my engagement ring, we researched soooo much...and it's nice when I can walk into a shop and say, WHAT??? I can get it for this much from this other store!!! :p

    Stupid store in the mall trying to rip me off................
  12. Gingerfarm,
    You might want to try:

    Signed Pieces

    Lots of people on the Pricescope community have bought from them and had good experiences. The price of a 1ctw eternity is nowhere close to $7,000!
  13. I'm pretty sure you can get one for around $3K.

    Have you tried Costco? They have a special diamond purchase program.