tell me if this is legit

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Dec 16, 2006
im looking to buy tiffany & co jewerly at an affortable price. so i came to this site,, Tiffany & Co™ Sterling Silver Jewelry Necklaces Pendants Bracelets Bangles Earings Cuff Links Rings Accessories Dollor Pound Yen and im wondering if this is a real. then i came to this site, Rip Off Report:Silveryen - Goodwin Company Ripoff sells fake Tiffany jewelry report them to your local law enforcement for FRAUD San Gabriel California, telling me that silveryen is selling fake jewerly.

for those of you who are a fan of tiffany & co or even a fan of any jewerly, how would you know if the website you are about to buy are authentic.

i know i can find one on ebay. but i want my options to be open. thanks.
I'd be very reluctant to buy Tiffany sterling jewelry anywhere but at Tiffany; there's so much counterfeit floating around. As far as 18K or platinum, I've had good luck on ebay, but I make the seller commit to refunding my money if Tiffany should say it's a fake. As always, beware of sellers selling mutiples of the same item.
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