Tell me if I'm crazy!

  1. LOL I'd love to wear these to work! I'm a construction worker, and would love to see the expression on the guys' faces! I think they're adorable, but a little over the top. I think a cute pair of leopard ankle boots would be more wearable.
  2. Oh I love those!!! I'd never have the cahoonahs to wear 'em myself, but go for it! I love Doc Martins. They remind me of The Smiths and highschool....
  3. I must confess I am a closet Doc fan and I love those:love:
  4. I gotta say it - I think you're crazy!
  5. Sorry, but I think you're crazy too :biggrin:
  6. Haha, well, thanks for the input, ladies! I ordered them, we'll see how they work out. They remind me of high school too, but they're so funky, I at least want to see them in real life! I'll post pics when they arrive.
  7. OK-You are crazy!!
  8. maybe a bit crazy...:biggrin::lol:
  9. Yikes ....:wtf:
  10. Crazy!
  11. I don't know that I could wear them myself, but as another 90s high school alum, I definitely appreciate where these are coming from. Don't forget that it was Marc Jacobs who "invented" runway grunge in the 90s (though it cost him his Perry Ellis job which was ultimately a good thing for all of us who currently love him). I say if they are you and you love them, rock them out!
  12. Just had another looksee at them... and I still love 'em!! And I don't usually like any kind of animal print. They are just really cool. I think the fact that they're docs completely negates the leopard print for me. Rock 'em!!!!!
  13. I'm interested to see what you'll pair them with. They're pretty crazy, haha! Doc Martin's + Leopard print = craaazyness. lol!
  14. Back in the day before I was an older, conservative lady (age 50) I had a few fun Doc Martin's myself. I especially loved my black combat boots. If I was still young and hip enough, I'd order those in a flash. :yes: