Tell me I was right

  1. Today I passed on the Rivets in white, I've seen the pics and listings on eBay & I just wasn't feeling it. If I lived closer to the store I'd have popped in checked it out but I'm 2-3 hours away so it wasn't a possibility anyway I decided to let it go. Now I just keep thinking was I right, I hope I don't end up loving it when they are all gone
  2. Did you love it? If you still do you might regret it later. It's beautiful, but it doesn't speak to me of LV. Looks more like a Balenciaga which is a beautiful bag too. Just not quite saying Louis L'Amour.
  3. In the pics I've seen online and on eBay, it didn't look all that great... but seeing it IRL, it looks ok, IMO.
  4. Personally I would have bought the black one lol if I was a woman!
  5. I passed on it too - I just didn't LOVE it from the pictures. And it was SO much $.

    Let's say we made a good choice.
  6. I didn't really like it much either, it's just not that great IMO. I think Michelle passed on one also.
  7. I think it's cute, but it's not my cup of tea.

    The fact that it's all leather makes the price so high, IMO.

  8. just really think about it. if you think you may love it in the future, you should get it. if you end up hating it. it will probably have excellent resale value...
  9. I ddin't really like it in the picture so I just have to wait and see it IRL.
  10. I think I've made the right choice it's just so hard when you have such a small window of oppotunity I am listed for quite a few other things and I'm feeing them a little more
  11. That bag wasn't calling my name. Good thing, too, because the price is too high to pay if I didn't LOVE it. You did the right thing!
  12. Not for me...but I may be just too old :push: .
  13. I'd buy it. I love its simplicity ans sutbleness (is that a word sp?)
  14. Louis Vuitton



  15. not for me...