Tell me I don't need another bag!

  1. So, I have on hold:

    Adios Star Zucca which is a must have...
    Inferno Ciao
    Inferno Caramella
    Olive Camo Bella Bella

    *pretty sure I'll not get the caramella but it does have the bunnies on it...damnit!

    now I'm torn between an OP bella bella or a Citta Rosa Campeggio with almost perfect placement, scooter guy is on front (he's my fave but cut off on back otherwise great with tags for 150)

    I want one..I shouldn't. But I do, I just sold my L'amore Bambinone and am trying to sell something else so I can justify it, but do I really need two bella bella's? Am I going to love the rosa that I once hated but now need.

    This stuff is making me crazy!
  2. hey socprof81, this wouldn't by any chance be the CR campeggio on LJ, would it?

    i just got the OP bella bella and love it! how can u not love meomi??? but i also just bought a CR campeggio too bc i love pink and the placement it had!

    y not get both? u can never have enough bags. a diff bag to go with a diff mood or outfit! :graucho: besides u can always sell one or both of them later on if u decide u don't need it.
  3. ecny- NOT HELPING! haha, but yes, I know I could use two, and I'm moving to Chicago so I shouldn't buy more than one this is so bad and I don't understand why these little bags do this to us.
    Also, yes it is the one on LJ I purchased another campeggio from her and a BV for a friend.
  4. lol i don't want to enable .. but ... ahhh I can't help it!!

    Yes .. u do need 2 bella bellas :biggrin: unless of course you really want that CR campeggio ... if you love citta rosa then do it!! :graucho:

    i need to learn to not enable ... it's hard :sweatdrop:
  5. socprof81: i know! who'd've thunk these cutesy bags would make us go insane?!! :lol: i was looking at the bag, told her i was interested.... and then D'OH!!! u were talking to her about it..... that's when i figured i better back off since i was late yet again! (the first time being on the Pirata BV she was selling too!) :sad: i guess it worked out though, bc i had enough money for the CR campeggio from eBay! :yahoo:

    i never knew what all the hype about bella bellas were until i got not one, but two!!!! i love them! they hold all my junk and don't look overstuffed!
  6. aww, i'm sorry! I didn't mean to, but the bv is going to a great home I'm so happy my friend could get a bag finally, I helped her get it a little bit cost wise, just because she is super single parent student on her own with zero help that is tokiworthy!

    I just got the campeggio in l'amore and am digging it.

    there is a cucculio (spelling is so off) in citta rosa on eBay now too, maybe someone could ask the person to sell it since there are zero bids, it's a bit too large for me!

    EDIT: Campeggio is mine! now, what to do about the OP versus Camo Olive Bella Bella!
  7. lol. i was just kidding!!! i'm sure it's going to a great home! :tup:

    plus i'm an impulse buyer! i def. was not thinking it through! (just like the CR campeggio i just bought! YIKES!!) :wtf:

    oooh! i love l'amore! congrats!
  8. ooh yay socprof!! congrats on getting the CR Campeggio!!!
  9. YAY!!! congrats on the CR campeggio!!!

    now get OP bella bella with MEOMI!!!!! :tup:
  10. haha but I have a ciao ciao with the meomi! and a op denaro with the dalek!

    you are both such enablers, i love it!
    I will see what afternoon mail brings, hope my cheap relatives sent me money for my MA grad announcments I finally sent out!
  11. i could never get enough of meomi! :girlsigh:

    but since u already have 2 OPs then get the camo bella bella!
  12. thank makes my bank account happy!

    I will still consider it once mail comes today. I'm holding out!
  13. Wait! You just sold your L'amore Bambinone?!?!? The one you just posted last week and were in love with???:crybaby:

    Say it isn't so!
  14. buy buy buy! :graucho:

  15. i love it/ loved it very much, but I loved looking at it more than carrying it. after two failed attempts with bambinone's and I as a relationship, it's I'm just not that into that style as I want to be. I must move on to a bag style i like and will use.

    I'm a ciao, zucca, ciao ciao, or campeggio kind of girl.

    that sounded so bad and corny, but it is indeed true. I have a campeggio in l'amore I love too!

    Now I must go shake my money maker, and I don't mean my bum, I mean my work so I can earn the money back so my bank account isn't so sad and empty!