Tell me I did the right thing (or not…)

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  1. #1 Apr 6, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2016
    I have been researching, hunting and obsessing about a red Hermes bag as you can see in my thread here. Still don't know which color to get, so have been on the fence about making a decision on preloved options. (Rubis, RG, RC and back again… :Pull hair: )

    Then this morning I saw two GM Epsom Evelynes: Pink Confetti and Anemone on and snatched them up because I know the colors are hard to come by (or with huge mark ups!) :nono: Not a big fan of Epsom, but I know in certain colors, beggars can't be choosers. And they are great colors. Hence my purchase.

    Now realizing my funds are tied up for a few months, and thus a red bag is on hold for awhile, did I make the right decision? :shame: It is hard thinking (dreaming) about one color and one bag version, and then poof, doing a hard 180 degree turn.

    Anyone else have that experience? :hugs: Am I nuts? :lecture:
  2. No, not nuts at all! For me, part of the fun of Hermes is that there is always something wonderful and unexpected waiting for me. You will eventually get your red bag, but you will enjoy those beautiful Evelyns in the meantime. Most of my H bags have been impulse purchases and I love it that way!
  3. I'm right there with you waiting for a pink B or K. I've turned down a few Bs and Ks that are further down on my list but have snatched up other unexpected treasures. It's the nature of the hunt. Enjoy your new Evies!
  4. Keep your eyes on the prize. Do you really need two GM Evelynes? Were these even on your list at one point?

  5. Never can have too many H bags! LOL. But pink and purple have been on my H wish list. Just further down the list and I hadn't picked the exact pink or purple as I like them all (ex, RT or Tosca, RS or cyclamen) Ideally, would I want so many Evelyne bags? Probably not but I only have a green Evelyne now and it is PM so at least they are different, somewhat, from what I already have.

    But something to think about. Thanks @Rami00!

  6. @Txoceangirl. Did you get different style bags or just different color Ks and/or Bs as you wait?
  7. I'm not sure that I would have purchased two Evelyn bags at once...especially since you have an Evelyn.
    Also, Epsom isn't my favorite leather. I prefer clemence...yummy smoochie leather for an Evelyn. That said, I'm sure the bags are beautiful. What matters is what YOU think.
    I just purchased a red birkin. Do none of the current colors appeal to you?

  8. I agree with rami00.

    However, if the OP is happy with it though, I guess that's all that matters.
  9. Honestly, Hermes can be tough to love. The exact combo one wants may never be available. So I understand wanting to have a bird (or two Evelynes, whichever) in the hand. Red Hermes bags will always be with us. You will find your red. If you found two wishlist colors and jumped on them, as long as you are truly okay with the leather and the bag style, I say :tup:.
  10. Dear OP, it is perfect you got these from You can get them and truly decide if they are for you. I have now 3 evis, 2 clemence and one in Epson but all 3 in PM. I would never do any in GM. My Epson is the old version so maybe yours are the softer one. But I love the clemence slightly more.
    I completely understand the trigger happy finger on when we see a color that is hard to find. But I limit myself to calvis and carmens. I still don't know why I need 6 carmencitas in all these colors. Do I use them? No. Do I love them? Yes. And I have 5 calvi. That's going to be it. I have hit every color.
    But the advice from Rami is perfectly put. Keep your eye on the prize. Those evis add up. Love the anemone, but in PM. Good luck, send pictures when you get them. We are all just cray cray.......
  11. #11 Apr 6, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2016
    Epsom Evvie GM is HUUUUUUGE and does not sit on the body like Clemence. A couple of years ago I bought one on impulse in rose tyrien and ended up selling it. OMG was it huge and stuck out super wide and stiff. RT was a dream color for me but the Epsom leather and GM size was soooo awful on me. Just my personal experience with GM size but maybe not for u. Either way I totally am with u about anemone and confetti but no darling I would not have done that. PLEASE Keep your eye on the prize....
    B I R K I N
  12. OP ~ Totally agree with Rami, H bags are expensive to buy and keep just because..., unless you have endless funds or willing to wait to save up again for your HG. I would say try them on at home and sleep on them for few days and see if you still have feelings for them. Good thing about ordering on line that you can return for money back unlike store purchases you can only get store credit. Good luck deciding... :hugs:

  13. other bags.... I'm afraid to jinx myself by accepting a B or K only then to have my HG bag arrive and be at quota :smile:
  14. I would try them on and see what you think. I am 5'4" and the GM was too big for me, but have seen it on some people and it looks great. See what you have time and the return policy...
  15. I appreciate everyone's feedback so much. I'm hesitant to post sometimes as to not seem so undecided, but you are all so wise and have great advice. Especially if you've 'been there, done that"! So I appreciate the opinions....and that I'm not crazy to get sidetracked. Though, after reading the posts, my gut is to cancel the order and wait for something better - even if it is not my red per se. But something in better leather and size and maybe style.

    I even called a SA at my local boutique to put me on a list. I don't have a dedicated SA but after looking up my 'history' I think they realized I'm a Hermes fan so we'll see what they can dig up for me. And keep my eye on preloved ones too.

    Hugs to all!