Tell me i am not alone

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  1. I cannot walk by a bargain no how no way. Was shopping today with my mother(who would die to know jeans cost over &100, and i would spend that) and there were AG's on sale for 50%off. Not weird ones but Angel's, how could I not buy them? It doesn't matter that I have too many jeans and don't need them. It's not just this, it's any bargain. I'm not alone, right? How many things a month(roughly) do you buy just cuz it was on sale and what's your best score?
  2. I am the same way.. i figure "buy now" sort it out later.
    As a result, I have WAY too much of everything.. and I can't part with most of it because "it was such a good deal"..

    I actually wish I could walk away from the bargains sometimes...
  3. i do this all the time at old navy lol,and have a habit at the coach outlets. ill buy things i know i wont use like wristlets or mini skinnies. then just give them away or return them. its bad!
  4. Oh count me in!! I am a deal "whore". I have so many cosmetics, skincare, perfume, clothes you name it I got it. If the "big" one ever hits I am ready! Oh but I don't have food or water that may be a problem. ;0
  5. I am not swayed by a so called bargin. If it just sits in your closet after you buy it or wear it once. I rather pay full price for a 1000k pair of boots knowing im going to use than buy something for $100 just because and dont end up using it
  6. ITA. I used to be like you, OP, but now I put that money towards something that I REALLY want. I got tired of filling up my closet with stuff I wasn't getting much use out of. The older I get, the more I'm realizing that you don't need a lot of clothes to have a fun, functional wardrobe.
  7. Especially since I wear jeans and simple tops everyday, but.... we need the "perfect" jeans(which every new pair is) and killer accessories, right???? I justify everything by being the queen of my all male house. I never said I was buying huge quantities or lower end items. Those $1000 boots feel alot better at $500 lol.
  8. me too. its so hard to walk away from a good sale
  9. I'm like that, too. I actually find that I don't enjoy an item as much if I didn't get a killer deal on it.
  10. So true^^, for me a retail background jaded me-seeing that markup!!!! Yesterday I had to special order a brace for beloved doggie with leg problem the SP actually showed me the book showing that she was paying $14.99 and I was paying $37.99. Not an exciting item to discuss on this forum, but for markup's sake-shoot me!

  11. ITA! once you work retail, you find it really, really hard to justify paying retail prices.. I will ..but rarely and I'm either traveling where I just can't wait for a sale.. or I have to be IN LOVE

    otherwise, I bargain hunt and when I find a good one (something I'll use, is my style, fits me well, AND is 50-75% off at least)... oh yeah! :woohoo:

    very hard to pass up
  12. I used to think bargain priced items save me money but if i don't really need the items, they are not saving me anything at all. I feel bad, though, paying full price for anything. I scour for coupons and rebates before shopping online. Only rarely will I pay full price and it's for something I really need and want at the same time.
  13. I definitely am a sucker for sales and bargains. I normally won't like a certain item, but as soon as they put up a sale sign, I'll suddenly consider it. I have a lot of items that I own as a result of impulses like that. I've started getting better though, so hopefully I am no longer as weak-willed...
  14. my best friend is soo like that!

    She yelled at me for only getting one sports bra at old navy when I could have gotten two for I think $10.

    What? I just wanted one LOL