Tell me--- HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE YOUR LV(S)!! Post pic of your FAV!!

  1. "G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S the glamorous-the glamorous!"
    :jammin: :wlae: :yahoo: :p :blush: :party:

    I was just sitting here listening to Glamorous by Fergie and am up to my neck in obsession over my beautiful MONO SPEEDY 30, DAMIER AZUR SPEEDY 30, THE BEEEAUTIFUL MC URSULA!

    I mean on top of my accessories I'm drowning in LVOE!!!

    Tell me how much you love your LV(s), which one is your favorite- why, and if you have a LVOE story that brought you to where you are with your collection- SHARE!

    Some of you have read and responded to my post about buying/selling constantly b/c I didn't feel "right" about my bag and all I gotta say now is I'M HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPY!!!!!

    **disclaimer*** heehee!!
    Frozen_Alaska is not responsible for an upheaval of emotion by members, the stirring up of bad memories/buys/sells/past purchases, triggering of impulse buying, and would also like to state that she fully supports the 200% obsessing that will commerce!
  2. I'll start! Here is my fav of all fav's!! MC URSULA!!

  3. You are SO funny. I love the disclaimer.
    I am unhappy with my current collection. lol. But only cause I want moooooore!

    I guess my current fave is suhali lockit mm in white. Cause I keep putting my stuff in other bags for a few mins and it always goes back into this one quickly. lol


    Close second is my black speedy and it's accessories. But I'm hoping for a Rita soon so I haven't used the speedy. Still thinking about trading it.

    I love that Fergie song too. Her stuff usually has to grow on me. But that one really sticks in my head.
  4. WOW your bag is stunning :nuts:
    I have 3 Lvs Atm already prepared to get 4,5,6&7!
    My fave one has to be the Mono Riveting !
    I also Lvoe the Suhali line OH and the cloud bags &! Miroir lines!
    I started to like Lv when i was in Greece and was in a market and i was looking at all the pretty jewlery and i saw a fake Lv and i was like "ooooo" Cus at the time i didnt know any better, Was the Blossom ones and then a few years later i went to the Fab U.S.A and saw a real lv and was like OOOOOOOOOOOO Lol so yea then i got hooked ! So thats my story and now i can see myself in debt in afew years .
    But really i LVOE Every lv bag if i could i would by everyone! i really want a miroir one though...:love: If someone posts one i will cry :nuts:
  5. THATS V.PRETTY :drool: Ooooo I want. Another thing on my wishlist now....
  6. Same here need more LV to stay happy.
  7. OMG I forgot about my Riveting Mono! It's my favorite-est bag ever! Add that to my fave list. lol. I shouldnt store them in their dust bags in drawers. Out of sight out of mind. I forgot I owned it and I just got it recently. :wtf:
    We dont need to tell DH about this post, k? LMAO :p
    He already wants to inplant a foot in my no-man's-land for always begging for bags! :cursing:
  8. I LOVE your black Ursula. If you had the funds sitting around would you get it in white too Alaska??
    I'm thinking I have a white speedy and black speedy and black Trouville already. I am wanting a white Rita and black Rita and a white Ursula. That would make an even three of each, then no more multi! lol

    You like white just as good as black or should I change my game plan? It's sooo pretty.
    Geeze I need to start making Power Point presentations like Zoe so my DH can SEE my sound reasoning. My well thought-out "purse process"?? LMAO


    Speaking of, I haven't seen much of Zoe lately. Or maybe I've been MIA instead of her? Zoooeeeyyyy...? lol.
  9. :wtf: HOW COULD YOU FORGET ABOUT THE RIVETING!?! :sweatdrop: Lol
    It's soooo pretty pictures do it no justice! :love::heart: :heart:

  10. I giggle everytime I think of the smileys dancing to the background singing "the flossy-flossy!"

    Isn't that what it says? LOL. Maybe not. Who cares. Making up words works. lol
  11. ugh i have too many :lol:!

    right now my favorites are my Manhattan GM, Damier Duomo, Suhali L'Ingenieux PM, Stamped PM, Embossed Polly and Olympe Stratus PM






  12. I am in total love with LV and with my LV's!! I have always loved them since I was a young teen and my "cool" cousin (10 years older than me) used to come over my house with her Mono Speedy 30!! I always wanted one since then. I went through the Speedy phase, then the Manhattan phase, now I'm in the Alma Phase! LOL! Here are some pics of my favs.



    And I can't forget my love of Vernis...


    And for the rain:

  13. ooooooooooooh the eye candy---- *faints*

  14. You got it!! (heehee- that's my fav at the stoplight!) haha!!! I'm such a dork!!!:jammin:
  15. That is one of my all time faves