Tell Me Honestly, Have I Gone Too Far???

  1. OK, here's my story. During the last PCE I purchased the large black leather Carly. I loved it so much I purchased the large canvas Carly with the pear trim. Later on the denim came out and :shame: yes, I purchased the large Denim Carly. I am usually not this "enthusiastic" about any bag but I love the size and silhouette. I also had quite a few gift certificates saved that I used during the PCE so it wasn't all out of pocket.
    Anyway, I haven't used the canvas Carly (pear) yet. It is a light colored bag and to my mind it's the one that most says summer. Now for the question! Have I gone overboard with the Carly? Is it silly to have three versions of the same bag? I am getting harsh feedback from a few people who found this out (NOT my DH by the way). What is your honest opinion-I can take it! :wondering
  2. I really don't think it's too much. I do the same thing - I have the Legacy Shoulder Zip in black leather and khaki signature as well as the Legacy Flap in black signature, khaki signature and black leather is currently on the way. I really don't think it matters what anyone else thinks - buy and wear what YOU like.

    BTW, I do the same thing with clothes. If I like a certain style of something I'll always buy it in multiple colors. I just did it yesterday with a cute sweater at Ann Taylor - I got it in both red and black.

    I think you are fine - don't worry about it!
  3. I don't think it's silly cuz they are all so different in color/material. Now if they were all black in leather, sig and cotton............then that would be silly!!
  4. the bags, in different colors, are diverse enough to not look like a repetition. but i would say to return the pear if you haven't used it yet and use the money from that to buy something unique.
  5. I was just going to say the same thing. It's just like clothes...when you find an item you love, buy it in a bunch of different colors! :p
  6. It's only too much if you've had to incur debt to buy it, or depleted your savings to an uncomfortable (for you) level.
  7. I don't think you've gone overboard. I have three ergo totes now, I just love the style! Plus it's not like you've got three bags that you will be using simultaneously - the pear will be good for summer, the denim seems more like a three season bag (spring/summer/fall), and I at least tend to use dark bags in the winter. You've got a whole Carly wardrobe!
  8. Yep, same with me. Most of my clothes I have in 2 or 3 different colors.
  9. ^Wow, I am glad to know that I am not the only one who does this with clothes. I am uber picky about things so when I find something that works I go with it. :yes:

  10. Ditto.
  11. I love the carly and I think you've chosen three very different bags. better to use what you love than try to please others, and many pfers have multiple lv speedies, fendi spies, etc. if I had the money, I would have chosen the same three you purchased
  12. +1
  13. I have Legacy shoulder bags in both black and whiskey. I have the Large Kahki Carly - and if I had some money coming my way I'd get the black leather one too! When you love a siloette you might as well get it while its available!!
  14. I am the same way with clothes, when I love something I buy it in every color that I like. Ok, so the three I have are different enough. Good! Owning them is not causing financial hardship so now I just have to consider is the point Kallison made-do I want to add something unique to my collection. I suppose I can suffer through browsing the catalog and website a few times more! :rolleyes:
    At least I know you gals understand, the others just don't get it. Poor Souls!!
  15. Do you them all?? Good, keep 'em all!!!!

    I also buy the same article of clothing I love is tons of colors...