Tell me honestly: Bolide or Lindy for festive summer bag?

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Which one would you choose if you had no other spring/summer bag?

  1. Blue jean clemence bolide

  2. Blue jean clemence or swift Lindy

  3. Etoupe clemence bolide

  4. Etoupe swift Lindy

  5. Gris tourterelle clemence Lindy

  6. Gris tourterelle clemence bolide

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  1. The price increase has made me even more deliberative than ever (and I was never exactly impulsive to start). You know what that means - I have to subject you guys to another poll to help me with 2008 wish list. Assume that (1) you had neither a bolide nor a Lindy and were only going to buy one (2) the colors you were considering were gris tourtourelle clemence, blue jean clemence, or etoupe clemence or swift, and (3) any of these colors were suitable with your spring/summer wardrobe and your individual coloring. Which would you pick and why?

    As always, your advice and opinions are welcomed and appreciated.
  2. Etoupe Lindy could really be a year 'round bag. I think etoupe works back nicely with fall colours too. I prefer Lindy as a style. I feel it's more modern.

    That said - I think BJ is a terrifically fun colour for this bag and I think, dear Jedi, you've wanted something BJ for a while now.....
  3. I voted for the BJ Clemence Lindy :tup:

    I looked at one at the Wall St. boutique in July and fell in love! I just love BJ for the spring/'s such a **POP** of color! The SA tried to convince me that BJ was a year-round "neutral." Hmmmmm.....I think it just might be! :graucho:

    And clemence is such an awesome leather....I love the Lindy styling too...casual, relaxed, yet chic.

    Good luck with your decision Jedi! Can't wait for a spring/summer reveal!!:beach:
  4. oopsie.......I see it's only between a Lindy and a Bolide......
  5. BJ Lindy;) I love the Bolide but think the Lindy is a very fun summerbag.. especially when hand held !!!

  6. Oh Preppy it so IS a year 'round neutral. I use mine all the time. Works back beautfiully with chocolate, taupe, winter white, navy, denim.... it's fab!
  7. S'mom, alternative suggestions are always appreciated! I recently looked at the picotin too. It also has a significant price advantage.
  8. The Lindy seems more youthful, modern, playful...the Bolide, more classic, timeless, versatile.
    How about a toile/barenia Bolide, if you could find one? I'm not sure it is "festive" though...
  9. AH!!!!! The PICOTIN is exactly the bag I was going to suggest for a fun, summer bag. If you get it in the GM size, it'll happily hang from your shoulder!

    I saw a lady walk into my boutique dressed all in Taupe, cream and brown with a GM Etoupe Picotin on her shoulder and I can't tell you how chic she looked! OR you can easily go with an MM size in a bright color and look equally stylish! Just look at how stunning PIAFFE looks with hers!
  10. Blue Jean Lindy :heart:
  11. I Voted Blue Jean Bolide & In Clemance The Color Is Just Brilliant:love:
  12. i voted for blue jean bolide. i know you've wanted blue jean for a very long time and even though it's a very neutral year round color i think it's particularly fun for spring and summer!
  13. Here are my recs:

    For year round, either etoupe or gris tourtelle clemence Lindy.

    For a bolide, I'd only consider an orange mou web II in swift.
  14. If I were able to afford a 2nd Hermes, I'd want a Bolide in verte anis for summer. I think it would be fabulous.
  15. I wanted to pick etoupe lindy in clemence because that is exactly what I want, but it's not on the list so I went with swift. I am probably a part of the small minority that is not crazy for bj (sorry)...but if you had said brighton blue, it would be another story!