Tell me everything you know about the purse!

  1. To all of you helpful B-baggers:

    I've recently falled in love with the (recently) discontinued "purse" style, and now I'm scouting them out online. However, I'm interested in hear your feelings on the style/comfort/size (with modeling pics, if you have 'em). I've been searching the forum, but it's hard to generate a good search when the name of the bag you're looking for is, well, "purse."

  2. The purse is a great bag! Its handles are longer than those of the city, first, etc., so it fits very comfortably as a shoulder bag. The other nice thing about it is that it holds a lot; I would say almost as much as a city. It is both a feminine, slightly more dressy kind of bag but also one that lets you cart around a fair amount of stuff. Good luck searching! :smile:
  3. I have always loved the purse. I was sorry that they discontinued it. It is very comfortable and doesn't have all those 'flying zippers' as a PFer so aptly put it once.
  4. The dimesions of the Purse are: 17 x 11 handle is 17” and there is no shoulder strap, but handles fit over most shoulders unless you have on a heavy coat.

    The City is: 5 x 10 x 5.5 with a 24.5” shoulder strap. I know many can carry it on their shoulders with the handles, but there's no way in hell I can. Well, I mean, I could, but my circulation would be cut off entirely and gangrene would set in about 30 seconds. Great way to lose 12 lbs., but the whole one-armed thing would seriously impact my handbag buying.

    Based on experience, the Purse holds about the same amount, but requires a little less organization to "pack", given its additional height. I can get the same stuff in a City, but I have to think about it as I'm loading it in. If you want to PM me, I can send photos of both packed with the same ...well,...ummm..daily crap! :shame:
  5. <----I love my purse. The straps are long enough to put over my shoulder, but not so long that I can't carry in my hand or over my arm without it dragging. It is a good size and holds quite a lot but because it doesn't have a gusset when it is lightly packed then it lies flat against your body. I also like how the corners are a bit rounded, so the look is a bit softened.
  6. I have one that I rarely use because I don't find it flattering on me for some reason. On me it tends to look really flat and wide. But I love it on other people and it's a great bag, comfy and roomy.
  7. It's my favorite. I have two Cities and two Purses, with a third Purse on the way. They hold about the same, I think, but I don't stuff either of them, so I can't really tell if one might be a bit bigger. The straps on the purse are a bit longer so it fits over the shoulder nicely, but you can still carry it over the arm without it being too dangly. I also like that the outside and inside pockets are bigger -- can fit my giant brick-like Treo, bluetooth headset, and keys in the outside pocket and have them handy. I like the flatness of it now; at first it gave me pause, but it's so comfy to carry that now I think it's a plus.
  8. How do you guys think the new Step relates to the Purse (or contrasts to???) I had a jaune step and sold it. I don't know.. I personally couldn't deal with not having a separate shoulder strap, but I cannot remember (having had it about 3 days!!!) how roomy the handles actually were. Bigger than the city I think. For me fitting easily over the shoulder with coat, that is the key thing in winter. The Day bag (one titched handle but long) is perfect for throwing over shoulder with bulky stuff (or not). ITS drawback is one tends to lose stuff, it's so deep!!!!:nuts:
  9. I have 5 purses and the thing I love the most about them like Maggien said is you don't have to "pack" it and the deeper pockets are a must for me...
  10. ^^ wow, that's such a good observation Maggien!!! :tup:...i totally agree, the purse is much easier to pack than the city...the style & dimensions are just perfect (handle strap length, zip top, width, depth & light-weight)...also, as it goes with most b-bags, the purse looks much better broken-in (i'm still working on that!!!)...i love mine & feel very lucky to have her :tender: