Tell Me Bad Things About Speedy 30s

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  1. Ok, I am so close to buying a Mono Speedy 30 when I know I shouldn't with Christmas coming around the corner so I need reasons why I should restrain. I already have a Manhattan PM and BH so do I really need another mono?? The Manhattan is sometimes a pain to carry and it looks like the Speedy handle is even shorter.

    So help me break this urge and give me other reasons why I don't need a mono Speedy!!!!!! :sad:
  2. oh i'm not good at telling ppl not to buy things...
    what i was going to say was...
    get the damier speedy 30 instead then =) so you dunt have an overdose of mono ;)
  3. The speedy is definitely a classic but personally I don't really care for the style. I just don't like how short the handles are. But at least you know that it will be there after Christmas if your choose to wake. Good luck in anything you do! :yes:
  4. If you already have two mono bags, I would advise against mono speedy 30. I find them a bit boring (please, don't throw rocks at me, fellow LV lovers:shame:smile:. If you really want a speedy, get one in damier, azur, mini lin, MC, etc. later (after Christmas).
  5. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....I wish I could think of something bad about the speedy....but....I CAN'T!!!

    So looks like you have to get it!!!

    Tee hee (I'm terrible I know).

  6. *Throwing rocks in Irene's general direction* :angel: j/k
  7. LOL Awwww
  8. Everyone has one...
  9. LMAO!!!!!!:roflmfao:
  10. I find them too common, you see them around everywhere...
  11. It's ugly. It sags. Everyone has one--real and knock-off's included. They look really gross when they're all black and brown :P
  12. I think the speedy is cute, but like previously mentioned, it's really common. And I don't like how the handles can get dirty easily. I'd really rather get it in the damier (and that way you don't have to worry about dirty vachetta!). Also, I don't really like the short handles so much...but it's still a great bag!
  13. snoooooze. I'm bored with the mono speedy. And the sagging look on it is heinous (in my opinion) If I ever get a speedy it will either be in Damier or Damier Azure.

    Mono Speedy makes me sad.
  14. mono is everywhere0- not very cool
  15. Awesome bag, perfect size, Go for it!