tell me-Am I insane to buy more LV bags?

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  1. I can't stop. This LV addiction is BAD! So far in my collection: denim pleaty, neocabby (black denim?), manhattan PM, bellevue PM, rivington PM, BH, mono artsy, mono galliera, empriente artsy, mc courtney, azur berkeley, favourite mm, NF azur, mon mono speedy, mon mono NF, delightful GM, Trevi GM, blue speedy kusama. 3 wallets : mono sarah, azur international, blue vernis zippy and 2 cles - red kusama and little mono one. Now I want either delightful PM or Totally MM and have no idea why. I also think about a DE NF and a zippy wallet either in mono or DE. I feel this is getting quite excessive. Thoughts and opinions? I'm not selling any!
  2. I think Louis Vuitton is an addiction for everyone in the forum. As long as you can afford it and not going into debt for it, I think you are fine. Everyone should have something in there life they enjoy. I enjoy collecting LVs. Its a
  3. Red flag. You should figure out what's going on and whether it's about LV or about something else in your life. Hoarding is not collecting.

    Good idea to take a serious look at this behavior.
  4. ^LOL! Such enablers here! I rationalize cause I rarely buy clothing and shoes. Much more enjoyment from LV!
  5. jellyv - Glad to hear another viewpoint. Sometimes I wonder if it is hoarding. But I don't hoard anything else......
  6. Are you making use of everything?
  7. I know a lot of women have a huge collection, but this sounds like hoarding because you don't even know why you want another purse-- so maybe you won't even be using it or noticing it once you have it. Not trying to get all psychological in this thread, but I think purchasing LV is your way of trying to fill a void in another area of life. Just my worthless 2cents and some Psychology classes in college.
  8. That is exactly my thoughts. Wondering if it is not about the LV but something else. Not starting therapy about this issue. But curious as to what other TPFers have to say...... I know it is difficult to comment without really knowing me. My guess is that many people on this forum are excessive.
  9. I agree! I don't think there is a magic # to have but it depends on everyone. Some people use every single one of their bags and would notice if it was missing in their closet and others seem to get a "rush" outta just buying. Not getting too deep into it, but why don't you take a break from purchasing and see if it's really something you want or a feeling that will go away? I'm kinda in the same boat- wanting everything in sight that sparkles! HAHA so I've really written down a list with how I would use it and if it would benefit me and tried to narrow it down. Good luck!
  10. OMG! Idk where you're from but I just opened up Yahoo and it had an article that said "7 Signs You're a Shopaholic." I think this is calling out to us! :lolots:
  11. I think you should make a list of the purposes you need a bag for, and then jot down where each bag belongs. They can belong to more than one purpose. I think that having 2 bags per category is a good collection... that way, I'll always have a choice... but not too many so that they are all used.

    For example, mine would look something like this:

    Dressing up & going out: Eva, alma bb
    Casual errands: pochette, bloomsbury pm
    Work during fall/winter: Trevi PM, Artsy
    Work during Spring/summer: Azur Galliera PM, Idylle Speedy
    Weekends: Papillon, Eva
    Travel: Bloomsbury, Eva
  12. No, not insane. In reality, who "needs" more than two purses really. Wanting, now that is the main issue. But everyone has one thing that makes them happy. I would like to aim for balance ... Family, self, spirituality, money, LV, etc,etc,etc. As long as you afford attention to other things in your life and don't go into debt then life is good.
  13. I always love your answers and you have an awesome collection full of variety! I'd rather have a small amount of variety than 10 of the same bags in different prints/sizes. That way they all get used for some kind of purpose. :woohoo:
  14. I like this idea.
  15. I like this thread! Thanks everyone for variety of responses!