Tell me all you know about tummy tucks and mini tummy tucks!

  1. Hi! I know there might have been a thread on this in the past, but I don't think it discussed both full AND so-called "mini" tummy tucks. Has anyone here had either?

    I might want one in about a year (I had my last baby in January 2005). I *think* I'm a good candidate: I'm healthy, in my 30's, and I'm on the low end of the ideal-weight spectrum (103, 5'2") so I'm slim all over. Except for my baby pooch. :rolleyes: My waist is gone because of that pesky layer of loose skin and fat, like a spare tire around my middle. No matter what I do nor how I eat, I can't get that layer of excess skin to shrink.

    Fitting in clothes is difficult because even though I'm a very small size, nothing fits right because I'm too flabby around the middle. Muffin tops are a part of daily life. :rolleyes: I've been really self-conscious about this for awhile now. Some of my questions, for those of you who've had a tummy tuck:

    1) How much did it cost?

    2) How much did it hurt? Describe the recovery.

    3) Did you have a full or mini tummy tuck? Do you like the results?

    4) How does your scar look now? Can they go through an existing C-section scar for the surgery?

    5) Did your bellybutton need to be repositioned? How did it heal? I'm concerned about this part because I currently have a small 1" tattoo right above my bellybutton. Will they just cut it off or will it be pulled down below my new navel?

    Thank you SO much for all your advice!
    Kristy :tup:
  2. Hi KristyDarling, I'll try to answer all your questions! I had my ftt in May.

    1) around $6600 CDN

    2) it didn't hurt all that bad, just uncomfortable because they put a drain tube in your private area and those stay in for a week. Psychology, I didn't want to look my tummy for a week because I was completely grossed out, but I needed this done because I've had 4 kids!

    3) FTT, I'm so glad I've had this done! Now I can wear whatever I want without worrying about my "pouch" showing!

    4) My scar is now on the dark pink side. I think it can go through an existing C-section scar, you'll have to ask your PS. Note that your new scar will be from hipbone to hipbone.

    5) My bellybutton stayed where it was, I can actually see it now. Before all the skin was around my bb and now all that skin is gone! It's healing the same as the incision. I think your tattoo will be just above your pubic area, unless you are very stretchy and your PS pulls that skin all the way down and cuts that out with the other extra skin.

    There's a website that has a cartoonlike demo but I have the that info on my other computer, I'll have to get back to you on that.

    If you want more details or advice, feel free to PM me! Good luck!
  3. Caliprincess - thank you so much for the great info!!! Is your scar low enough so that you can still wear a bikini? Does your new bellybutton look "artificial" or is it scarred-looking? I just wonder how docs create those -- are they convincing? I'd like a reasonable recreation of my innie. :smile:
  4. My scar is not noticeable at all when I wear a bikini and my belly button looks great, it's still a little pinkish right now, but it was way better than before! When you go to your plastic surgeon, ask to see pictures of his/her previous tts so you can see his/her results.
  5. Caliprincess -- thank you SO much for all the helpful info! I really appreciate it!

    Would anyone else like to share their TT experience? Thanks!
  6. I would love to hear more experiences as well since I'm in the same boat.

    I'm just hoping the scars don't look bad and the skin "match" up.
    I've seen some Before/After pics where the top skin looks scrutched together and has folds (hope that makes sense)...

    How did you all find your doctors?
    And did you do any other procedures with it?
  7. I had mine about 7 years ago. I had the mini as I just wanted to get rid of the baby bulge. My scar is barely visible now, but it does go from side to side. It is low enough to wear a bikini if it isn't too small. It didn't hurt much, but the recovery wasn't fun. You can't do anything that uses your stomach muscles for about 4 months. One thing I have noticed is I now tend to put on weight above the waist in my stomach. I have heard the same from others who had it. Luckliy I have not put on much. I'm 5'6" and weigh about 125. My lower stomach is still nice and flat tho' so I'd do it again in a heart beat!
    It cost about $3,000. but then that was quite awhile ago.
  8. This was the only procedure I had, but I've heared it is common to have Lipo at the same time.

  9. Thanks so much for the quick response, jmcadon!
    I cannot wait for this procedure, but at the same time I am soooo nervous just thinking about the surgery and recovery time.

    Thanks again!

    Hopefully someone else could also help me quote the price of these procedures... Anyone? :smile:
  10. Very weird, I am having a full tummy tuck this Wednesday 8/29. I will be getting lipo of lower back/flanks also. Cost is $7200 for everything. I live in Chicago but am going about 30mins away to indiana for surgery. Evrything from top of belly bottun down is being cut. Wish me luck, oh visit (I think that's it) tons of great info)
  11. Thanks for the pricing and the webiste!

    I want to do this soooo bad, but I've been talking myself in and out of it since DH has agreed.
    Before that, I was then one who had her mind set and convince DH.

    Oh, do come back and let us know your experience!!
    It will definitely help lure us to the "dark side". ;)
  12. check out as well....tons of good info and discussion forums. My main advice would be to go to several consultations and ask around about the best surgeons. The most critical choice you will make is the surgeon.
  13. Good luck, ITE! I will be VERY interested to hear about your recovery and results as I'm betting I'll also need a full TT with lipo of flanks. Best of luck and take care post-op!!!
  14. I'm home, yesterday went well, I would say it is comparable to c-section except more muscle pain in the belly, not really pain, soreness

    I would rate my pain a 5 on scale 1-10, totally worth it I think, he removed 2 Liters of fat from hips and butt and a couple of pounds of lose skin/fat from belly.

    Anyone thinking of it, so far I say go for it!

  15. Get well soon!!