Tell me all about your Rive Gauche

  1. I love the classic styling of this bag. :love:

    I'm wondering...

    Is it a functional bag? Comfortable to wear on the shoulder? How is the leather? Had any problems with quality? What kind of interior organization is there?
  2. Mine should arrive tomorrow....I'll let you know what I think...I have not seen it irl.....
  3. I've checked it out yesterday the leather seems to be durable, and it's a perfect size for a "work" bag, all the documents would fit. I found some pics on web (Yves Saint Laurent - Rive Gauche Bag -, but in real life the bag doesn't seems to be all that "soft" keeps shape much better, if you understand what I mean ;)
  4. I just ordered one off Bluefly! (hopefully it's authentic). I like that it doesn't seem to be a huge bag, and also that it has the zip top and shoulder strap. I'm just hoping it's not too heavy.
  5. I'm also curious, can you wear it cross-body with the shoulder strap?
  6. pseub: Fyi, I think that the Rive Gauche tote actually comes in two sizes (in addition to the small Rive Gauche satchel). I've seen them at my local YSL boutique. These were the dimensions posted by another member, writetoshirley...

    "It comes in 2 sizes -
    Medium: $1395, size of a laptop (but won't actually fit a laptop), probably ~9X12X3
    Large: $1495, definitely fit a Dell laptop and papers, ~12X15X4"
  7. I think the one I ordered is the smaller one, although because I apparently got the last one, I can't access it now. It was priced the same as the other one they show, which matches the dimensions of the larger one. I actually do hope it's the smaller one, which would be a better size for me.

    Has anyone purchased YSL bags from Bluefly recently? No issues with authenticity?
  8. pseub,I ordered two ysl bags recently from bluefly.They are authentic. I received the smaller RG thinking it was the large(because of the original price).I like it, but I am not going to pay more for a bag from bluefly than I would from BG or NM. I contacted bluefly and informed them of the misleading description.Corporate is supposed to get back to me.I will let you know how they handle this issue.
  9. Thanks for the info, Samantha! What does the smaller RG usually retail for?
  10. Cosmopolitan has the sizes and prices above. The prices listed are before the price increase.I'm not even sure if the smaller size is still being made.The card in the inside pocket of mine listed it as a 2006.
  11. That makes sense as I've seen the large ones going for $1795 everywhere, and haven't seen the small ones listed anywhere at all.
  12. I just called ysl bal harbour. They said it is still a current bag. They have white,chocolate,and black.The price is now $1695.00.
  13. Well, I still got a pretty good deal then. With the additional 15% discount, I paid $1220. I'm hoping I don't get another "out of stock" e-mail in three days....
  14. :yahoo: My Rive Gauche is on its way...should be here tomorrow!!!
  15. how do you get the additional 15 percent off???? Please tell me!!!!!