Tell me all about Fjord......

  1. I did a search but couldn't find much info on this leather. So if anyone has any tidbit about Fjord I'd love to hear it! Benefits, downsides, availability, price compared to other leathers, durability, etc. (I'm especially curious to see what Rouge H looks like in Fjord)
  2. You might find Hermesgroupie's Leather Book in the Reference Section enlightening -- the entire reference section (including the color thread) is helpful, too.
  3. Thanks for all the info! The bag in the pics looks pretty veiny- is all fjord like that?
  4. Most Fjord I've seen has some veining, although my Bleu Saphir has no veining so I think it just depends on the hides used.
  5. My new fjord indigo Bolide has zero veins. I love this about the leather. It's a semi-rigid, semi-pliable leather. Most of the leathers used on my bags are rigid, like box. I have one "soft" leather, a clemence Picotin MM, and I love the fjord because it is maleable, you can squish it and feel it move in your fingers, like the clemence.

    It's getting a little softer after 2 months of use (I rotate but this Bolide gets used 2-3 times a week because of the color - goes with everything!)

    Also nicely rain-resistant - water makes small marks, then dries.

    indigo Bolide 31 d.jpg
  6. ^^ How Gorgeous!
  7. The last bolide I had in my hands was a Fjord 37 in rouge if I am not mistaken. There was no veining on that bag.
  8. My Indigo Fjord 35cm Kelly has veining but I love it anyway!!:love:
  9. I always thought that was just togo with the veining. See, I learned something new! lol. Thanks for that.
  10. I thought Fjord was pebbly and it stiffer than Togo and Clemence?
  11. Yep! It's more like chevre.