tell me about. . .

  1. this skull key chain. . . .
    is it a keychain I keep reading about?
    I have a "thing" for small amounts of skull on my accessories. . .
    can y'all post some eye candy for me?

    I'm sure you guys think I don't have any Coach but my current keychain is Coach actually:yes:
    It's cute and dangly:tender: LOL!!
  2. It was actually a charm (with the little dog leash closure) attatched to it, so you could hook it on various things. It's sold out I believe, but it does pop up on eBay. Here's a pic:


    I think you need one!
  3. oh a charm! Even better, then it won't get so tortured!
    I love that!
    I like the flower and moon as well:yes:
    Thanks for showing me a pic.
  4. Ooo so edgy. I think I want one too! :drool:
  5. Here's the "mother daughter" Carly shot again.
    My daughter has the skull charm.:yes:
  6. I have it, and it's bigger than it looks in pics. LOVE IT! If you can find one, grab it! I carry it on my Balenciagas, too.
  7. That's a gorgeous photo, krispin41. I love the sassy red lips and the fun watermelon slice.
  8. I love the skull charm. It's fun and edgier than Coach normally goes. :smile:
  9. they're gone huh?

    What'd they retail for?

    Very cute:yes:
  10. $38.00
  11. Ooo! Im a sucker for the watermelon charm.
    Ive been eying it for about a couple of months now. ;D

    I think you should certainly get the skull, I mean,
    They add a lot of pizazz to a bag, really personalize it. ;]
  12. but they're gone, yes?
  13. Uh, Ive seen the watermelon slice at a store just recently.

    The skull? I think. Err. I bet you can find it on eBay or something, Ya?
  14. I'm not even sure what I'd do w/ it! LOL!
    Are these counterfeited at all?
  15. :huh: Im not sure if they are...
    but I dont think they are, I mean, Ive never heard of a fake Coach keychain before, ya know?
    :biggrin: hehe!