Tell me about...

  1. ... the legacy leather flap... Is the leather beautiful? I think I really want one in white. I'm stuck between this and the legacy leather top handle pouch in white. Which do you have? Pros? Cons? Do you have pics wearing it/them? Which would YOU prefer?

    Thanks for your input!


    Leather Flap:

    Leather Top Handle Pouch:
  2. love the gets better with wear, too.

    i personally like the flap better than the pouch, too.
  3. I haven't seen either IRL but I would go for the flap. I have the white Ali and it's so fun to see all the stripes everytime I open it up! I would imagine the flap would be the same way! Plus the white leather is gorgeous! I do have the shoulder zip in whiskey and the smaller legacy bags like that are great!!
  4. Fellow "M": ;)

    I have the Legacy Flap in Signature and I LOOOOVE it. It's such a cute bag!! I also have the Legacy Shoulder Zip in black leather so I can vouch for the leather, as well. The Shoulder Flap can be easily carried on the shoulder, even with a coat. I don't think you'd be able to carry the Pouch on your shoulder so that may make a difference to you. If I didn't already have the Shoulder Zip in black leather I'd definitely get a leather Shoulder Flap. As for the size, I can fit quite a bit in it. I am able to carry my Legacy Framed French Purse, cell phone, PDA, leather Skinny case for my makeup, etc. and keys.

    I definitely recommend the Shoulder Flap!!
  5. i like the flap a lot more than the pouch, but regardless, the legacy leather is really nice!
  6. I have the flap in signature (see my collection below) and the shoulder zip in leather. I think the flap fits on your shoulder better than the pouch.
  7. I have the Ali Shoulder Flap in whiskey, and I love it! It can get a bit heavy sometimes with the leather and hardware, but the inside fabric is beautiful and the leather wears well. I have a top handle pouch, too, which I usually use inside my matching shoulder tote b/c it's pretty small for my use.