Tell me about your WORK?


So thankful.
Apr 20, 2006
Yep, it's me with another comparison thread.:yes:

This time, I'm wondering about the Work style.

The first Bbag I ever saw "in the wild" was a stunning black work, and it was gorgeous, but enormous. Recently I've been drawn to large bags though, so I've been wondering whether it might be a good size to have, especially for :graucho: The fact that it doesn't have a shoulder strap might bother me though. I am not a petite girl, so I'm not sure the handles would fit over my shoulder, and it's pretty huge for hand-carrying.

For those who have the Work...what do you love about it? What do you not love? Do things get lost in there? Does it slouch too much...or not enough? Do you miss having a shoulder strap?

For those who have you use your Work or City more? Or, do you use your Work or Day more?

Agree with weibaobai!!!!!!! I love the Work~ I used to love the city to pieces but I find it's too small for my needs and I don't carry that much. The work is really a pleasure to carry. I carry it on the crook of my arm as I find it very uncomfortable to carry on the shoulder b/c it is right under your armpit. I switch off carring my work and courier a lot so when I get sick of using the work I go for my courier.
I gave my work away because I found it hard to carry it on my shoulder - i could but it wasn't a good look. I think if it is true that the new ones will have longer straps then it will be the perfect bag. it doesn't carry a few books or notebooks well because it is so soft and they slosh around but it does look great either with some stuff or really full.

the really great thing about the work is that it really show off how beautiful bbags are. it is just the right size to showcase the leather and the manufacturing quality.

I agree with Zacorey. On the crook of the arm is best - I was just loading mine down with books and it was too uncomfortable.

It is a stunning bag,
^^^I would never recommend the Work if you have a ton of things to carry in it! I'd much rather carry a shoulder bag if I had to carry a ton of books!
I love my Work. I bought a used 05 Work, so maybe the handles were already stretched, because it fits very nicely over the shoulder. I'm on a mission to acquire more Works. I love them. I think their size makes them look dramatic, and Bbags for me are all about the leather and color. So the bigger the leather and splash of color, the merrier!
I love my Work too! (Thanks Zac! ;))Don't know how I ever thought I could go for a City, cos IMO the Work is prolly as small as I would go for a "work bag". (yes, I know. I carry too many things around) :shame:

The way I carry my Work is dependent on my outfit for the day cos the handles fit fine. Think it's just me, but some outfits just look better with my Work hung on my arm vs under my arms, and vice versa.

Loves: Goes with everything; Sufficient space for all my stuff; Yummy leather!

Am also toying with the idea of a Weekender :graucho:
i love the work!!!!

what i love : the size and the slouchiness
what i don't love : i wish it also has a shoulder strap (just in case)

the size makes it slouch so much (in time) which is what i love most about it!!!

so go, get the work for work!!??!! haha :smile:
I sold my work even if I loved the color, it was maybe a little too big but actually what really bothered me is to have no strap, just doesn't work for me. I love my city, and have really fallen in love with the day :love: as well, which is more practical than I thought and holds a tun. So I think the work is nice but personally only for occasionel and not dayly use!
what do you guys carry in your work?

EVERYDAY: money wallet/portefeuille; large cosmetic bag, small LV agenda; cell phone; 2 sets of keys; Mikli eyeglass case; Ray-ban sunglasses case; a pair of gloves; 7.5 inch x 11 inch spiral planner

SOMETIMES: 1-2 magazines, water bottle; pull-ups, wipes, cashmere wrap
What do you love about it? -I love the size, the way it slouches, and that it has just the right amount of tassels to bag! Does that make any sense?

What do you not love? -That both handles don't always stay on my shoulder. Also the tiny little pocket on the interior.

Do things get lost in there? -Umm not at all. I keep all my little things organized in a wapity and the rest- my wallet and agenda are just fine. And yes that is really all that I carry in my except maybe tons of snacks, a bottle of water, and a notebook if I have class.

Does it slouch too much...or not enough? -It's just perfect! I've never had a city (except for the 03 lilac drama) or a weekender, but I'm not really sure I could do either because I think the work looks best on my frame.

Do you miss having a shoulder strap? -No, not at all! Maybe it's because I never used it since it would always slide off of my shoulder anyways. I've been using my work endlessly since I received it, except for maybe the weekends, and honestly I don't remember the difference!