Tell me about your work bags

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  1. What are you using? What have you tried in the past that doesn't work for you?

    I'm on the hunt for a new work bag, I've looked at Coach, I'm thinking about an LV Neverfull or a YSL Dowtown so far.

    Any tips or suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance!
  2. Right now I'm using a Hayden-Harnett flight tote thanks to the vicious winter weather-- in the summer I use a Balenciaga Part-time or a YSL Muse 2 depending on how much stuff I have to carry. Personally I like the style of the Muse 2 better but the Balenciaga holds more files/folders/etc and is better as a business travel tote.
  3. I use Tod's d-bag media tote. It fits my laptop (with Tumi sleeve), my umbrella, and my agenda as well as my power supply for my computer.
  4. I have a Gucci tote I like to use for work papers and/or laptop. It's the GG material, so weather is not a problem and the handles are perfect for shoulder OR arm. Right in that perfect middle ground.

    I've had to move from shoulder to arm due to neck/shoulder problems, so I usually carry my Lindy with my "purse stuff" and the tote.
  5. I have a Chanel GST in caviar and a Mulberry Bayswater which hold my lenovo laptop, wallet, cosmetic bag, keys and cell-phone.
  6. I've been using Mulberry for a while now as they are so tough they can withstand anything, and they're so heavy noone can steal them...
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    Usually a LeSportsac Tote but lately I've been using a HH for Target canvas bag. I don't like to bring nice leather purses to work because we've had things stolen from even locked offices, plus I work in a hospital (which I consider all areas to be dirty).
  8. i used to use an HH dominique satchel. now i switch between my ignes ormala and my mandarin duck nylon messenger bag.
  9. An ABRO caramel leather backpack--I work at a University in student services, though, so a backpack isn't too casual (not like I'd care even it it were, really--I've been a shirt-and-jeans chick for about 35 years now).
  10. Thanks for the tips, Ladies. I think now for sure I want a shoulder strap/messenger strap with the bag.