Tell me about your wallet

  1. What kind of wallet do you have? Small? Big? What designer/brand (if you don't mind sharing). Leather? Canvas?...Is there a reason why you prefer one over the other? If you have a pic, please post it!

    Also, how often do you change it? Do you have a wallet that matches your bag? Or do you not care?

    I got my wallet more than a year ago (Dooney & Bourke). It is blue & brown leather (sorry, don't have a pic!) and somewhat on the bigger side. It doesn't match any of my bags, so I guess it doesn't matter to me!

    What about you?
  2. I use two cles and a Coach billfold. You can see them here in this inside your bag picture. One cles has Canadian cash, one cles has credit cards and id, and the wallet has loyalty cards and US cash.

  3. I need to match my wallet to my bag :shame: , so I use either a big brown chanel wallet or a LV red epi credit card case.
  4. Heres a picture of all the things I switch out as wallets -


    Theyre all COACH. Theres a signature checkbook wallet (this is the one I'm currently using, its huge), 2 wristlets (also extremely spacious) and a mini skinny.

    I mix and match. I dont have to match all the time, I dont really care. The checkbook wallet is canvas with leather trim/interior, but I would like an all leather wallet some time in the near future.
  5. mine is a Paul Smith.. which i got about two or 3 months.. and i began to search already for another one! cause this is too small for me:sad: .. i was so wrong to get attracted to the design and forget functionality.. as i have to fold the bills a bit in order to fit in.. and with all 6 cards slots full.. you can imagine my wallet wants to explode!:blink: i began to feel unorganized!! i hate that feeling! i might get me a French wallet or something bigger than this.

    i change my wallet when ever i get sick of it! :P and thankfully that happens every one or two years..:amuse:

    i dont match my wallet to my bags..:noworry:

  6. ^ I remember when you first got that! Its so effin' cute! I love stripes :heart:
  7. I have two. One is a black leather Gucci and the other is a mens LV monogram billfold. ( I got the mens one because I wanted it to have an opaque ID slot) I change my wallet whenever I feel like I need a change. For the past couple of months I've been using my LV, but I think I'm going to change back to the Gucci soon. When I'm not using my Gucci, I put it back into its box and when I take it back out it has that new leather smell that I love.
    Gucci wallet.jpg LV Wallet.jpg
  8. ^ If you dont mind me asking, how much was that Gucci wallet?
  9. It was $350.
  10. It looks like you and I have the same LV wallet. I use mine with everything, and I adore it. I chose it for pretty much the same reason you did (opaque ID slot). Here's my pics:
    lvwalletinside.jpg lvwalletopen.jpg
  11. It is the same one. I use mine alot (my Gucci probably feels neglected)
  12. I don't change wallets until I have to. My wallet is a red leather Carolina Herrera. I bough it at the Ceasars Palace Mall at the boutique. My grandmother used to say that for good luck with money always have a red wallet, and that stuck with me. So only red for me, here it is
  13. Beautiful wallet!!!! I love red!
  14. I have the LV porte tresor international (it was just the porte tresor when I bought it 5 years ago). Its a great wallet; room for a checkbook or 2 or anything long that doesn't need to be folded. It fits nicely into my BCBG bag! :biggrin:
  15. I have three wallets that I've used over the last 16 years.

    A mono LV was the first, and the closest they make to it now is the Tresor. It's smaller, it's held up, and it was the best $175 I ever spent. I carried this for 15 of the last 16 years.

    Brahmin in black/brown leather with the moc croc front. It's not a checkbook style but rather the type where you put bills and such in pockets with credit cards going across the front of the main section and the top flap. I stopped carrying this one because it showed wear in a heartbeat.

    I just got a similar style from Bally in pebbled leather, and it's perfection. It's bigger than the LV, has a ton of pockets/slots, but it's not as huge as your average checkbook clutch. The leather is holding up beautifuly, and it's soft. I use this one for when I carry bigger handbags because I'd rather not go searching for the smaller LV.

    Man, I rambled. LOL