Tell me about your Vince items...

  1. The shirts look cute, but so plain for the price. What are you getting for your money? I've heard people raving about this designer, but what is it about the clothes that makes them so nice?
  2. I totally agree. It's way overrated for the price.
  3. Everytime I look online for clothes, I pick things out before looking at the designer name. I noticed there are a few designers I seem to keep picking out over and over, and Vince is one of them. But I haven't bought anything yet because of the price. I will give it a try though as soon as I either have the money or really need to buy something or just can't resist...
  4. I have a dress by Vince that I bought last summer it has been extremely durable and even thought it has to be dry cleaned it looks brand new even though I wore it once a week for 6+ months.
    I would absolutely buy their dresses again.
  5. I have several leather jackets and cashmere sweaters. For that stuff it's totally worth the price.
  6. It may be pretty plain but I love Vince because of their great quality. I have many basic pieces from them that have held up very well. Great for layering too
  7. I own several of their jersey tops and dresses, as well as a cashmere dress and sweater coat. Their quality is great and I love their colors.
  8. i just got a cashmere sweater dress from them and i'm very impressed with it so far. i've worn it several times and it doesn't seem to be stretching out or losing it's shape at all, which i figured a sweater dress would. i'd buy from them again.
  9. I have a few Vince sweaters that I love and wear almost every day. They're a little pricey, but they were worth every penny IMO.
  10. I agree about the Vince sweaters. I LOVE them and wear them all the time. They are great quality wool/cashmere and are classic styles with a twist. A lot of them were just marked 40% off at Saks but I think that they are all already gone. When they are marked down they sell out fast! I am not so into the Vince summer clothes though . . . kind of plain for me.
  11. I'm curious about the cashmere too--does it pill more/less than cheaper brands? I just picked up a Vince cashmere sweater from the local Goodwill (apparently it's a "boutique" so it caries nicer brands) and I can't tell if someone donated it new or if it's just durable. Buying cashmere seems like such a gamble sometimes. :s
  12. I have a couple of the thermal and cashmere hoodies and I love them!
  13. Their cashmere items are good--not on the level of a top cashmere brand like TSE, but very good. Also, I find that Vince makes a lot of cashmere for the 'younger' consumer, which is why I like it. Some of the really good cashmere brands make so many classic style cashmere sweaters and twin sets, which are beautiful and soft and will last forever...but if you're a younger woman, they might feel a little 'old lady' looking! Since Vince makes more contemporary styles, they're one of my favorites for everyday-wear cashmere.
  14. As someone mentioned the quality of the fabric is not top notch cashmere...and yet the style is not super trendy. This brand is somewhere right in the middle of the pack of the luxury good area...which IMHO is not a great place to be. It's somewhat catchy and cute...but not really good enough to make eyes roll...and on the other hand the fabric isn't super great... There are so many substitutes that you can find that are much cheaper and have the same design (albeit a drop in quality of fabric)...after all their designs are not hard to copy. Unless someone touches your clothing from vince there are many copies that you can buy that will trick almost everyone into thinking they are almost the exact same things (that is assuming that person does not touch the fabric).
  15. I only have Vince sweaters and I agree with what's already been posted. I didn't buy them because of the brand name or the quality of the cashmere but because I thought the styling and colors were really unique. I also like that they are more fitted and longer, my preference in sweaters. They do go on sale but I can rarely find them in my size so I usually jsut pay full price and I haven't regretted it.