Tell me about your Tag watch! Would love some info please!

  1. DH is going to buy me a Tag for my B-day. :love: I do not know anything about Tag Heuer watches.
    I have found two that I like, so I have to make a decision. Can you tell me about your watch and why you love it?
  2. I own the Tag Aquaracer with blue mother of Pearl face and diamond markers. I wear it everyday and love it! It is sporty yet chic because of the diamonds.

    Which two are you contemplating?
  3. Kimmy,
    I actually have my eye on the one you own, but with the pink mother of pearl face and diamonds. The other Tag I am comtemplating is the Link with the same pink mother of pearl face and diamond markers. I actually would love to merge the two watches, I love the Link bracelet, but would rather have the Aquaracer bezel and face....does that sound silly? Thank you for replying. I am excited to get it, I just can't figure out which one! :confused1:
  4. I have been a tag-heuer fan more than 10 years and I got 4 now. I got gold Link, 1 alter-ego with blue dial, series 2000 also with blue dial and a very old one with plastic dial (didn't know the model name).
  5. i love my tag watches..:heart:...been wearing them since the 90's :yes:

    my first one is a 1500 series with black is two toned 2000 is the one with the Y bracelet (two toned also)....the other one is 1500 series with blue lastest is the link model with lavander mother of pearl dial...

    even though i've bought several watches...i still go back to my tag heuers. ;)
  6. Wow, sounds like Tags are addicting? That explains why I can't decide between the Aquaracer and the Link, I love them both. Thanks sparkle, Vicky and mbarbi for your input. I will have to go try them on again, I am leaning towards the Aquaracer because it's more sporty. The Link seems more dressy to me, with a smaller face.

    Anyone else have a Tag they can tell me more about?:tup:
  7. I tried on both the Link and the Aquaracer and I bought the Aquaracer with the white mop face. I liked the sportier look of it and I really love it.
  8. There is a link that is absolutely beautiful its dark blue dial with diamond bezel. its stunning.
  9. Hi I own the Tag Aquaracer with pink MOP dial and diamond markers on the face with steel bracelet. It was a gift from my parents for graduation. It is a gorgeous watch, feminine yet sport, dressy yet practical. I would absolutely recommend.

    The only thing to be careful about is the colour of the face. For myself, I got the pink face, but now I wonder whether the white or cream MOP face would have been a better choice, as the pink sometimes clashes a little with what I wear. It's not really a big deal, but I would give it some thought.

    Have fun picking your watch!
  10. I absolutely love the color pink.. and I almost picked the Aquaracer with the pink MOP face... but I found it to be a little too pink if you know what I mean... that's why I decided on the blue. It's a very pale blue and goes with everything.... there is even a little tinge of pink in it.

    I also like the Link style but the Aquaracer had that little edge that I loved.. and the bracelet type was more my style.

    Go with your heart.. I'm sure whichever Tag you pick, you will LOVE!!!
  11. I have the Link with the white MOP face. Worn it as my every day watch for over 2 years, bashed and banged it around, it still looks fab and not a scratch on the crystal. Hubby swears by his too, and he is even harder on watches than I am.
  12. i have this one for everyday (and for swimming,etc too) and i love it. i took a picture off the internet cause when i tried to take photo of my watch, it just didn't come out clear.
  13. I have the pink Aquaracer and I love it. LOVE IT. One of my all time favorite purchases ever--it goes with anything, doesn't scratch especially easily (sometimes it falls off my scrub tie in the OR, which is BAD), and just all-around looks great. Plus, I think fewer people have the Aquaracer than the Link.:jammin:
  14. Thanks again for all your input Ladies! I will find out which watch DH got me next week! The suspense is killing me!:sweatdrop:
    I am hoping he got me the Aquaracer, but I will be thrilled with either watch...:love: