Tell me about your Mike & Chris Jacket

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  1. Ladies:

    I purchased a Mike & Chris off *bay (I know, everyone says this is a horrible idea but it wasn't a Jesse, so I thought I would be ok). Long story short, it got here and it feels like very soft thin leather but it doesn't smell anything like leather. Imitation maybe??:shrugs:

    What are your jackets like? Do they smell like rich leather? Are they thin or thick? What is the stiching like? The tags? I need to know more about these jackets to determine if this one ( is authentic

    Thanks Ladies!!
  2. I have several Mike and Chris Jackets and the leather on each style seems different. Some are softer, thicker or thinner. They do smell like leather though... I have never heard of this style before. I also wonder at this price how they can have all the sizes. Seems suspicious to me. Maybe you can search the internet to see if you can comfirm this style....Good Luck!
  3. ^^ That's actually why I bought this style -- because it was so unique looking and I had never seen it before. I have e-mailed the company to see if this really is a design of theirs
  4. That's a good idea. It's hard to find them to look at. Mine I ordered online from either Singer 22 or Blue Heaven Boutique...Let us know!!
  5. I think thats the same Jacket i got from their sample sale in NY. I cant tell 100% Percent but couldnt find any pictures of this style anywhere either. Must be real though since i got it at the sample sale.

  6. ^^ Yes! That is the exact jacket! Are the pockets lined with fabric or are they suede? Did it have a strong leather smell when you got it? That is what thew me off about the one I got.

    I honestly keep going back and forth on this--on one hand, how does this *bay seller have so many of the same jacket? On the other hand, why would somebody fake a rare jacket that isn't in high demand.
  7. I will have to check when i get home tonight. I think the pockets are lined with Fabric only because i think i would remmember if they were suede.

    They had a bunch of them at the sample sale, maybe the buyer baught a lot?
  8. You are SUCH a help--honestly. I haven't seen this jacket anywhere else and I totally started thinking I had been taken. I guess I just expected the leather to be a little thicker than it is--and for the jacket to smell, well, more like leather. I am so glad to know this jacket exists!!
  9. It Definatley exists or else we've both been had.

    When i get home i will look at the pockets and smell the leather, will let you know tomorrow in am.
  10. OK so after looking at my jacket here are the results:

    Pockets are lined with Fabric same as the the jacket lining.

    Jacket does not have a strong leather smell.

    Hope this helped :smile:
  11. It does help! Thank you so much. I am glad to know I didn't by a $300 faux leather jacket :smile:
  12. you sure didnt, and you got it at a better price then me, i paid $400 at the sample sale.
  13. ^^ Woah! I wonder how much it originally retailed for. The seller told me that the style name is "Lee" and he said it was actually a Spring 2009 item -- which seemed weird if they already had it at sample sales, but what do I know.

    It really is the softest leather ever! That was part of the reason I thought I got a fake--I didn't there was any way leather could be that thin and soft!

    The jacket is super cool too--I love it
  14. Glad it worked out for you! It sucks to buy a fake-- and it seems like you didn't. But, you did get a great deal.
  15. Cfred--Thanks for your help! I meant to send you pictures but my digital camera stopped working and my blackberry takes horrible pictures, so I didn't think they would be worth anything. Thanks for everything!