Tell me about your Manolo "stolen shoes"!

  1. Hi everyone
    I've been browsing the forum b/c i'm just aching for a pair of carrie's "stolen shoe" the famous silver manolos. But as most of you know, they're crazy expensive - so i just wanted to hear some stories about these shoes if you have them - how do you like them, how long have you had them, how do they wear, are the comfortable, were they worth it, or any fun and interesting stories - and pictures too! they look so pretty ON people's feet, but it's hard to see - i guess i just want to make sure i'm as informed as i am before i take the big plunge. (my visa is having quite the work out of maybe just living vicariously through your stories i can hold off for a bit)
  2. i got mine at Bergdorf Goodman about 2 years ago, and even though i've worn them less than 5 times, they're one of my most comfortable pair of heels ever. you don't feel as though you're on high heels at all. they're definite worth every cent :yes:!

  3. OHHHH right! I thought you meant the ones that she was held up for in the street... they were pink I believe!
  4. ohh they look so gorgeous!! thanks for sharing!
  5. I have the nude coloured ones as I thought they would go with more things than the silver, I adore them, they are very comfortable, not too high and completely true to size. :smile:
  6. So pretty!
  7. :love::love:
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