Tell me about your LV bags

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  1. I've really been enjoying reading about everyone's LV collections on this forum!

    One thing I would like to learn more about is your specific LVs - how you wear them, what occasions you find they work best for and which are your most favorites. Speaking as someone with a comparatively smaller collection, it's interesting for me to learn more about how everyone incorporates their beautiful bags into their lifestyles ❤

    Right now I have 3 LV purses, 2 pochettes and 2 SLGs. I feel pretty purse content at the moment but I constantly admire other people's gorgeous LVs and am sure I will add more someday in the future

    1. Mahina Noir XS - My everyday bag. I love how versatile it is since it can be worn crossbody or as a shoulder bag. It's perfect for running errands. I know some people hate having a zip and a buckle but I prefer the extra security since I live in a big city. Plus it's seriously Mary Poppins sized - even my fiancé agrees that this purse contains 20 cubic feet even though it does not look like it from the outside. I love the look of it - the print is subtle and it has a little bit of structure with the buckles but it's also very pretty and smooshy
    2. Mono Neverfull GM - My travel bag. I don't enjoy using duffel bags so this has been perfect for weekend getaways since I can fit two days worth of clothes, a laptop and toiletries...and it's still never full. I've gotten close though! And I like that you can cinch in the sides and wear it with a completely different look
    3. Mono Manhattan PM - My first and most favorite bag! This is the one that made me a LV LoVer. I know buckles are polarizing but I love the front buckled pockets - so useful for little things that you might want to access and don't want to dig through your purse to find like lip gloss. And I love that it is structured while my Mahina is not. I don't use top handle bags everyday like I use totes or crossbody styles but I love it on nights where I'm dressing up
    4. Mono Pochette - Mine gets loads of mileage - either as a pouch in one of my other bags or as a clutch on its own. I also have a long vachetta strap so I can wear it as a casual crossbody and a metallic chain strap that I borrow from another non-LV purse if I want to wear it as a shoulder bag
    5. Vernis Baby Blue Lexington Pochette - My "something blue" wedding clutch. Such a cute color and also something we can keep in the family as a future "something borrowed" item in case anyone else LoVes it too. And I can use the various straps that I use on my mono clutch for this pochette
    6. Mono Cles - I keep it attached to the D-ring in my Mahina for coins and receipts. Great purse organizer type piece!
    7. Mono Business Card Holder - I use it as a mini-wallet when I go out with just a pochette or a clutch since my regular wallet is checkbook sized. The b.card holder has pockets for cards and ID and then I fold cash into the main compartment

    Tell me more about your LVs!
  2. Wow, you have quite the collection! I bought my first LV last fall, a Delightful MM in mono. I'm paranoid about staining the vachetta when it rains though, so I'm actually in the market for either a Zippy Organizer to use obviously as a wallet and then as a clutch on the rainy doors, or I'm looking into something in Damier Ebene, possibly a Speedy or Neverfull. Just trying to prioritize whether I want my first wallet or a new purse.
  3. Marylebone GM- when the kiddies are with me. I haul diapers, formula, water, snacks, burp clothes, and their needs in there

    Pochette metis- my goto when I'm out by myself (w/o the kiddies).

    Favorite PM - Evening outings (date w/ the hubs): dinners, movies, and etc

    Mini Pochettes - quick errands or GNO.

    Cles - Work: id, bank card, & door badge
  4. I have 2 purses, a pochette, and 1 SLG. Although, I'm try to decide on my next purse.
    My first was a Batignolles Vertical--bought in 2007. This purse still gets a LOT of use. I use it for rainy days (rain doesn't effect the darker patina), days I wear dark denim (I don't want the dark denim transfer on my newer purse), and other days when I need a "beater" bag.
    Tivoli GM--My sunny day purse when I'm not wearing dark denim.
    Pochette NM--I use it as a cosmetic pouch inside my other purses. I have also used it alone in the evenings for dinner out with the husband. I love this piece..maybe more than my purses.
    Sarah wallet--I use it everyday. Love this wallet.
    I'm checking out tpf daily for inspiration for my next bag. I'm looking for one I can use in the rain (with an umbrella...not expecting a soaking) and don't have to worry about denim transfer. At the point, I'm leaning toward the Empreinte Artsy Noir. I'm just worried it may not look appropriate if I carry it during the summer.
  5. Mono Artsy- my first LV and still favorite bag. Every day use.

    Batignolles Vertical - Pre loved -every day use.

    De speedy B 30- Rainy day bag and everyday rotation bag

    Portobello Pm- So pretty and care free - Everyday and dinner bag

    Mono Pochette - Date/dinner night.
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    I feel like I have a tiny collection compared to many around here! For now I'm happy living vicariously through everyone else's purses which is why I love hearing about how everyone uses their bags :smile:

    I always admire the Delightful when I see people carrying it ❤️ Does the Zippy have an open compartment to fit keys, lipgloss, etc? I love the Pochette for that reason! Mine is a hand-me-down from my aunt and it is still in beautiful condition. Definitely one that doesn't show its age and stands the test of time.

    The Pochette Métis is so pretty!!! I also love the chains on the Favorite and the Mini Pochettes ❤️

    My cousin Erin has the Tivoli GM as well - I love that style!

    Have you thought about a different color Artsy if you want something summery? I think it's a gorgeous bag every time I see someone wearing one.

    My head always turns when I see the DE Speedy B! One of my best girl friends has a Mono Artsy and I love it too. Such a pretty shape.
  7. I have a few bags that I rotate between for everyday bags : Neverfull, Alma, Speedy monogram 30, speedy DE 30.

    I have monogram pochette for any days I don't want to carry a big bag or if I'm going to be doing a lot of walking.

    I have my monogram key pouch which I always have with me for my keys.

    Speedy 40 monogram for weekend getaways.

    Keepall 50 monogram for any week long vacations.
  8. I have a small LV collection. I recently started to lvoe LV but I also like to venture out into other brands. I probably have about 80 bags that I rotate through throughout the year. Right now, I'm focusing on LV. As far as my LVs go...

    My first was the NF GM in DA. I use this as an everyday bag and especially love it when I'm traveling. It also works well as an overnight bag if it's just 1 or 2 nights.

    I also have a Palermo PM that I use for everyday as well. Love it especially for work.

    My Alma GM in Citron, I just lvoe for everything. Whenever I can use it, I do. It's great dressed up or down. And it's actually very durable.

    I have a couple of more LVs that I would like to get before I move onto another brand. But I will definitely be back to LV. They are just so addicting.
  9. I have 4 handbags, 3 wallets, 2 cles 1 keyholder and 1 agenda😅

    First is the Deauville, my first bag started to addiction. I use it for when I travel.

    Mono neverfull mm- my go to bag for everything it's the most convenient holds all my things and then some

    Delightful mm- my shopping or going out for lunch or casual dinners..I attach my mono cles as a charm and its my most favorite combo.

    Speedy azur 30- I use this on occasions during the summer to just run errands im not a fan of the small handles for when I want to go shopping.

    Wallets are zippy mono, insolite fleuri, and marie which is my favvvvv.

    2 cles damier azur and mono, I hold my credit cards, reciepts, movie stubs, rewards cards

    6 key ring holder for my keys of course

    And lastly my damier ebene trunks agenda in pm..all my to do lists and notes.😇😇😇
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    I like this thread so I'll chime in..:biggrin: I'll just go through my bags no SLGs.

    Speedy DE 30 - I noticed this with my supervisor and ever since then I've been eyeing it and really loving this bag.. I honestly didn't know what brand it was and was embarrassed to ask my boss. At that time I was into Gucci.. I was at SCP mall and passed by the LV store and found this bag on their shelf! I got so excited and walked in there and asked for the price. When I found out it was around $700, I picked it up right there and then! Lol! I thought they were around $1000. Haha!

    Mono Artsy - This was a gift from my bf that is now my husband for Christmas in 2007. I chose it btw.. Haha! It was still $1300+ at that time.

    Mono Neo - I was just browsing to their store and came across this bag in the middle area once you walked in their store and when I found out it was LE.. I got all excited! It's very functional since it has an adjustable strap that you can put it on your shoulder or wear it crossbody. My then-bf who is now my husband bought it for me just because..:biggrin: My only concern with this bag, it's really heavy! I hardly wear this bag now but maybe one day...

    Mahina L in Gris Perle - I was on hiatus then decided to splurge myself with a new bag. I received my bonus from work and decided to check on this vs Chanel.. I bought the Chanel but after a year, I still wanted a bag from Mahina. After that 1 year, the price went up ridiculously that I wasn't sure if I should still go for it. I decided to get a different style Mahina. I forgot what it's called coz I'm guessing it was discontinued. It has a rectangular shape and I got it in very light color, it was around $500 cheaper than L.. I was so worried about the color and I was thinking about the style that I decided to exchange it with something else.. I really wanted the L but it was the price that stopped me but my then-bf was an enabler so I still decided to get it.. Lol! Super love it! My biggest splurge on bags but no regrets! I love the design and how subtle it looks.. Very pretty! Very luxurious.. The smell is divine even up to now! This bag was the reason I got into purseforum.:biggrin:

    And because of the forum, I got addicted into LV..

    Empriente Artsy in Aube - That same year, my then-bf wanted to get me a matching wallet with my Mahina L on my birthday until he decided to tell me and let me pick what I wanted. I was kinda hesitant with matching bag and wallet.. I decided against it.. Until he told me to check out bags.. And of course! I found this.. Lol! But of course, the price was too much. He said if I would be ok that this bag would be his birthday and Christmas gift then he would buy it for me (my birthday falls in December too).. He also said I couldn't open it til Christmas.. Of course I said YES! Lol! Love love it! I get tons of compliments with this bag especially with the color. I chose Infini first then decided to exchange it with Aube and again, no regrets! Really love the color and style.. But then again, it's heavy! What would you expect for a leather bag? But this is heavier than my Mahina L.

    Then I decided I needed something in different style/leather..

    Epi Alma GM in Carmine - It was still called MM when I bought it. I wasn't sure with this bag.. I wanted to like it but I wasn't into structured bags until I tried it on.. I really love it! The color is gorgeous too! I also get a lot of compliments when I wear this bag. I bought a strap just so I can put it on my shoulder when emergency arises that I need to use my hand. The strap has been useful for me.;)

    Blue Kusama Speedy - I've seen the other colors but since I wanted something blue, I ordered this color from my SA. I put a deposit until I thought I wouldn't get this bag at all coz I guess a lot of people were on the waiting list for this color. Until I got a call from my SA that same day that I was thinking of canceling my order. I guess it was meant to be mine..:biggrin: I get a lot of stares and compliments from people. Some people are asking about it and wondering how come they haven't seen this style before that I had to explain it.

    I told myself the Kusama would be my last bag for a while coz I found out I was pregnant and when I was about to give birth, the Ikat came.. There's blue and pink which I thought would be perfect..:biggrin:

    Ikat NF GM in Rose Idien - My diaper bag.. I have been using this since the day I gave birth, I see people staring at it and hearing them talking about it.. Maybe some people think it's fake.. Lol! But a lot of people are complimenting it too and telling me they haven't seen this style before. I love it! I just think it's a really gorgeous bag with the pink trim, something different from what you would normally see on NF.

    There you go.. My LV bags and story behind them..;D I know it's long.. I hope people will have time to read it. Lol!

    I rotate my bags with my other designer bags once a week.. I based it on the weather.. But again, the bag that I hardly wear now is the Mono Neo. If you also notice most of my bags are big.. I love big bags! I thought of getting something small like Eva, I already picked it up then I decided to return it since I wasn't sure if I could ever wear a small bag unless I'm going to a formal party which I hardly attend. I love to bring most of my stuff when I'm going out.